ChimeraTool Start licence for € 11.90

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Start价格: € 11.90

The ChimeraTool START licence is valid for 3 days. It includes 10 runs of each procedure (some procedures are only available with extra ChimeraTool credits) and can be used with any supported mobile phone – ChimeraTool is compatible with an impressive range of mobile phone brands, including Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG and many others. Any software updates we make to ChimeraTool are included in this licence, free of charge.
It is important to know that after each PC attachment you perform, there will be a fixed 48-hour waiting period. After the 48-hour period has elapsed, you can freely move your purchased license to another PC.

When you purchase this licence you only receive the licence – extra credits, if needed, can be bought separately.

CRD prices:

The ChimeraTool START licence is a great option if you would like to try the full software before purchasing one of our bigger, more comprehensive licences.

The ChimeraTool START licence is available for €11.9.
A PayPal account is needed to purchase this licence. Only one licence per user is allowed.

Read Codes Online  59 / 109 信用分 / 操作
Network repair
MSL Unlock
Unlock Online  59 / 89 / 99 信用分 / 操作
Reset Reactivation Lock
Get Info
Reset Screen Lock
Repair EFS
Firmware Download (workaround for licence check)
Knoxguard Unlock
Unlock Wipe  49 信用分 / 操作
Reset FRP Lock
SW Change
Read Codes
Read Cert For Credits  59 信用分 / 操作
Reset EE Lock
Repair Device Root Key
Read Cert
Write Cert
Patch Certificate
Firmware Compatibility
Reset FRP/Reactivation Lock
Carrier Relock  65 信用分 / 操作
Repair IMEI  4 信用分 / 操作
Device Info
Rmm Unlock
Set SIM Count
Restore / Store backup
Read Codes Online #2  59 / 109 信用分 / 操作
Reset FRP/Reactivation Lock - UFS
MEP Unlock
Modem repair and unlock  95 信用分 / 操作
Set VendorId
Refurbish  9 信用分 / 操作
Set keyboard
Reset LCD
Save modem calibration
Repair Cleared Board (9900)  19 信用分 / 操作
Reset lifetimer  9 信用分 / 操作
Enable Disable Internal Memory
Remove BlackBerry Protect  95 信用分 / 操作
Direct Unlock  65 信用分 / 操作
Auto Turn On
Backup phone
Repair Cleared Board (9360/9700/9780)  19 信用分 / 操作
Fix Error 507
Turn on Java
Read MSL
Lock To Network
Restore Phone
Reset Camera
Flash Qualcomm
Switch to Dload
Read NCK
Warranty check
Repair boot
Fix and Flash DLOAD
Reset Modem (NCK counter reset)
Unlock bootloader
Remove FRP lock
Change CID
Bypass & Remove FRP
Remove Screen Lock
Network Backup / Restore
Repair MAC
Enable 'Diag Port'
EFS Clear Unlock
FRP Remove
Update Firmware
Convert to Dual Sim
Repair MEID
Auto Detect
Factory reset
Unlock / Relock Bootloader
Remove Huawei-ID Lock