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Video guides

In this document, we are going to list our tutorial videos. This list will be updated continuously.

MTK Xiaomi Patch IMEI

The following procedure will patch the IMEI of your device by tampering the phone’s Android system. Some of the newer models or phones with newer Android version will require additional steps to run this procedure successfully.



MTK Dimensity CPU Summer Update – Supported Models

Chimera is the first in the World to support the following CPUs (even with SLA and DAA* authentication)

Mega MTK Update, List of Supported Models

Chimera added support for over 300 models with various MTK chipsets

无 TP 的三星 BROM 模式

在本帮助中,我们将介绍我们的最新功能,即不带测试点的 Brom 模式。

About us / ChimeraTool / ChimeraTeam

我们是 Chimera 团队,我们来这里是为了介绍我们独特的产品 Chimera 工具。


Martview forum

Martview is not our official forum but it can bring help to all our customers, since the questions asked are answered by professionally relevant users and administrators there.

Open forum

Test Points Library

A continuously updated collection of Test Point photos, PCB Diagrams and Blueprints to help everyone easily find the test point pins on smartphone motherboards - all at one place!

Open Test point library