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as well as on the return of goods, withdrawal from services ordered, repayment of the purchase price, delivery of defective and damaged products, and missing orders
(Money Back Guarantee)


1. Introductory provisions

The Policy on Exercising the Right of Withdrawal shall be applied and interpreted together and in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. Euro Server Sro. reserves the right to modify this Policy on Exercising the Right of Withdrawal at any time. This Policy was last amended on 21 June 2017, and is in accordance with the legislation in force in Hungary as of said date.

This Policy uses the terms Customer and User as synonyms.

The Client/User is obliged to contact Euro Server Sro. Customer Service for any product or order return, or for withdrawal from services ordered. 

Euro Server Sro. calls the attention of Customers/Users to the fact that the condition and content of all products and software must be inspected after delivery or download. This Policy defines how the Customer/User should proceed if the downloaded product does not, or does not correctly function, if its functioning is not in accordance with its stated function or purpose, or if the Customer/User wishes to exercise their Right of Withdrawal for a product that is not defective, damaged or malfunctioning. This Policy also applies if Customer/User did not receive all of the ordered products, received the wrong products, or the products they received did not meet quality requirements.

2. General consumer protections

This policy does not affect the general consumer protections guaranteed by law.

For information on general consumer protections, please refer to the following links:

Legislation search at Hungary's government portal: http://www.njt.hu/

EU legislation search in Hungarian: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/homepage.html?locale=hu


3. Exercising the Right of Withdrawal

If the Customer decides not to keep the ordered product, or wishes to withdraw from a service that has already commenced, or that has been ordered but has not yet commenced (hereinafter referred to as exercising the Right of Withdrawal), they must return the delivered products, or notify Euro Server Sro. Customer Service of their intent to withdraw from the service or to return the products within 14 days. The 14 day deadline for exercising the Right of Withdrawal begins on the day when the products are received or provision of the service has commenced (the software has been downloaded from the Site).

All products must be returned in the original, unopened packaging in which tit was delivered to the Customer.

4. Withdrawal from an order (returning ordered product, withdrawal from services ordered)

When cancelling the order, the Customer must follow the instructions below:

4.1. The Customer must contact Euro Server Sro. Customer Service, using one of the following contact methods: Telephone: +42 12 3352 7665, email address: [email protected] (as Euro Server Sro. Customer Service locations are in Slovakia and the United Kingdom, calling the listed numbers may result in higher than expected fees).

4.2. The Customer must notify Euro Server Sro. Customer Service of the reason for their intent to exercise their Right of Withdrawal (particularly if the reason is a damaged or defective product).

4.3. If Euro Server Sro. acknowledges the User/Customer’s Right of Withdrawal, they will send written confirmation of this to the User/Customer within 24 hours (via e-mail).

4.4. After the User has indicated their intent to exercise their Right of Withdrawal to Euro Server Sro., Euro Server Sro. shall act to ensure that the User is locked out of access to the software within 24 hours. The User must expressly acknowledge this.

4.5. If the Customer has actually started using the software and wishes to exercise their Right of Withdrawal within the statutory deadline, Euro Server Sro. is entitled to withhold a proportional part of the purchase price, meaning that the Customer shall only be entitled to a partial refund.

4.6. If the Customer wishes to return a product ordered and delivered by post or courier service, Euro Server Sro. Customer Service must provide the Customer with all necessary information for returning the product (e.g. return address, packaging instructions) in writing (via email). The instructions must be sent within 24 hours of the Customer exercising their Right to Withdrawal.

4.7. The User must return the product according to the instructions received from Customer Service via email, carefully packaged. All instructions on the return form (labelling return product with address, return identification number and order number) must be followed.

4.8. The User must keep the postal delivery receipt, invoice or other document verifying the product’s return until such time as the purchase price has been refunded (or a new product has been delivered).

4.9. If the User was delivered a defective product and wishes to exchange it for a new product, but the product in question is no longer available, Euro Server Sro. shall refund the purchase price in the form in which it was paid.

4.10. For all returned products, the User assumes all risks involved in the return process until the product’s arrival to the specified mailing address. Euro Server Sro. recommends that Customers opt for a traceable method of delivery when returning products.


5. Procedure for returned products

Regarding the ordered software, Euro Server Sro. must refund the full (or possibly partial, as applicable) purchase price of the software within 24 hours of sending the email acknowledging the User’s intent to exercise their Right of Withdrawal and locking the User out of access to the software.

If the Customer requested a refund of the purchase price for the ordered and mailed item, Euro Server Sro. must refund the Customer the full purchase price of the product(s) (including any delivery costs incurred and paid in the course of making the order, as well as any part of such costs pertaining to the products themselves), within 5 days of delivery of the returned product to the address specified in the confirmation email.

The full or partial refund of the purchase price shall be completed in the same form as the Customer’s original payment for the product.

All costs of returning the unwanted products and locking out the User from accessing the software incurred as a result of the Customer exercising their Right of Withdrawal shall in all cases be paid by the User.

Euro Server Sro. will only refund the postage fee (or a part thereof) in the following cases:

5.1. A different product was sent from the one ordered, and Euro Server Sro. specifically requested that the mistakenly sent product be returned, or

5.2. the product is damaged or defective, and Euro Server Sro. specifically requested that it be returned, or

5.3. If the order was mistakenly fulfilled twice due to the fact that the original order was not delivered within the delivery deadline as specified in these regulations, and a new product was sent with the presumption that original product was lost, but both the original and the second products end up delivered, and the Customer does not wish to keep both orders (and pay for both), and therefore returns one of the ordered products to Euro Server Sro.

If, after inspecting the returned product, Euro Server Sro. finds that the product is neither damaged nor defective, the fees and postage associated with the product’s return shall not be refunded.

If the product is returned due to the standard 14 day Right of Withdrawal as mandated by general customer protection laws (that is, the Customer does not wish to keep it, and withdraws from their earlier intent to purchase), postage fees will be borne by the Customer in all cases.

6. Other procedures

If the Customer

  • received a product or service different from the one ordered,
  • received/downloaded a damaged or defective product,
  • did not receive all products as ordered,

they are obliged to notify Euro Server Sro. of this fact within 14 days of delivery, or of access being granted to the service. Euro Server Sro is not responsible for any discrepancies in delivery that were not reported during the above grace period (deadline).

7. Authority complaint management

If the Customer/User is not satisfied with the method of return, replacement, or repair of the product, or has other complaints they are entitled to contact the local district regional offices.


Software updates and / or support

“Update” means a revision of the Chimera Tool software that improves the functionality of it, and may contain new features or enhancements, which is not an upgrade. Every purchased license (software) is a fully functional version not a Beta or RC one. Important bug fixes are free, but we have no warranty for any further new functions. If you want your money back, because you did not receive new features which were not supported in the time of the purchase, we are not able to refund it.


If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase of Chimera software, you may be eligible for a full refund according to Refund Conditions outlined below. However, we are convinced that most of refunds can be avoided if you request professional help from our Customer Support.

Refund Conditions

ChimeraTool software
  • According to the conditions of our Refund Policy, you may be eligible to receive a full refund within 30 days after the day of your purchase if your provided reasons don't contradict with Refund Policy conditions.

  • No refund will be available after this period is over.

  • The refund may apply only to the primary (first) Chimera Tool subscription.

  • If you own more than one subscription, no refund will be available.
  • Your money may be refunded only once. If you buy Chimera Tool again later, your recurring refund request is not reasonable.

  • Any purchase of the software on a discounted price is non-refundable.

Extension of subscription
  • Non-refundable
Force majeure

 No refund can be given to Chimera Tool customers in case their reasons for a refund are completely beyond our control. They are the following:

  • The target computer doesn't have Internet access any longer
  • A customer doesn't follow the installation guidelines of our customer support team.
  • The customer does not have admin access on target computer.
  • If the customer counted on using ChimeraTool on more than one target device after buying only one subscription plan.
  • Personal reasons ("I've changed my mind", "I've made a purchase by mistake", etc.).
  • The fear of our business shuts down permanently is not a rational reason of requesting a refund because the software doesn’t depend on the server. Even if the business shuts down, the server and the domain still work for years without any problem as it is already paid for and registered for the following years.
Extended Functions

 In case of extended functions for Blackberry models:

 Reset lifetimer 9 crd / PHONE, Refurbish 9 crd / PHONE, Cleared Board Repair 19 crd / PROCESS, IMEI repair 4 crd / PHONE, Repair damaged phones with PIN FFFFFFFF (9360,9700, 9780, 9900 models) 19crd/ PROCESS, BlackBerry OS10 unlock 65crd/ PROCEDURE

 Customers must accept the fact that these functions cost extra credits even if the process was not successful. (Prices are written also under “Shop” menu)

 In many cases the reason of unsuccessful process (of extended functions) is phone-hardware problem not software. We are not able to fix hardware errors.

 We provide solution for software  errors that is why refund request in these cases are not reasonable.

 If you contact our support team and provide work ID they can find if the problem was hardware or software related.


Refund Procedure

You are required to send your refund request to the Billing Dpt. at [email protected] or via Live Chat. The refund decision is usually made within one or two business days.