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How to detach a registered PC from your license?

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How to switch registered computer

It is important to know that after each PC attachment you perform, there will be a fixed 48-hour waiting period. After the 48-hour period has elapsed, you can freely move your purchased license to another PC.

Lending or leasing your purchased license to another user is strictly prohibited; this will result in the disabling of the user’s account.

How to “detach” your registered PC from your license:

  1. Log in to the webpage with your username and password
  2. DASHBOARD menu item
  3. Licenses sub-menu
  4. You can find five little buttons next to the name of the registered PC (if gray, it is inactive). Click on the second button which is the “detach” button
  5. Now you can freely attach a new PC to your license. If you have used that PC before, it is possible to select it from the drop-down menu. When it is a new computer, just log into the Chimera tool software and the PC will be attached automatically after the first procedure.


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