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Samsung Exynos devices: Connect the device in EUB mode

Chimera Tool can perform various procedures on Samsung Exynos devices, but in most cases, removing the back cover and using Test Points is necessary to put the device in the right mode. In this article we will show you how you can do that.

Samsung Exynos Support is Here!

You've been asking for a Samsung update that works for all devices, regardless of Root, Bit, and Version, while keeping things Knox safe.

Samsung Exynos devices: Remove Warning logos

Warning messages may appear on Android devices when security-related configuration is altered, such as bootloader is unlocked. Chimera Tool has a solution to remove these warnings easily.

Samsung Exynos devices: Remove Lost mode

Samsung devices have a security setting called Lost mode, where the device gets locked - this configuration can be set remotely with Samsung Find My Mobile or SmartThings Find. In this article we will discuss how to remove Lost mode from Samsung devices.

Unisoc in Chimera

In this help, we are going to show you the process of using our Unisoc module.

Samsung Exynos devices: Change CSC - Country Specific Code

Some devices are released with country- or carrier-specific contents installed on them. This means, there may be custom boot logo, startup sound, customized settings, configurations, localization, geo-specific data.

Samsung Exynos devices: Remove Factory Reset Protection - FRP

Factory Reset Protection, or FRP, is a useful feature to prevent unauthorized use of previously owned devices - we are about to show you how to remove this protection with Chimera Tool.

Samsung Exynos devices: Unlock Knox Guard restrictions, remove Knox Guard protection

Knox Guard is a comprehensive security solution for Samsung devices, protecting system, apps and user data - however, sometimes users may want to unlock these protected settings. In this article you will learn how to unlock KnoxGuard using Chimera Tool.

Samsung Exynos devices: Read codes for network unlock

Some smart devices are carrier locked, which means they can only be used with SIM cards of the original service provider / carrier - otherwise a network unlock code or network PIN code is requested to be entered, the device cannot be used without that.

Xiaomi Diag mode

In this document, we are going to show you the process of Enabling Diag Mode on Xiaomi Qualcomm devices.

Samsung Exynos Boot repair

In this document, we are going to show you how to perform a Boot repair procedure on Samsung Exynos devices in EUB (Exynos USB Booting) mode.

Using the Advanced Flash for Qualcomm

In this help, we are going to show you how to use the Advanced Flash procedure in Chimera.

Покупка на нашем сайте

В этом документе мы покажем вам процедуру покупки лицензий/кредитов на нашем веб-сайте.

Bootloader Unlock

Are you struggling to find a generic solution for the Samsung bootloader unlock? Do not look further, we detailed down, how can you do it fast. 

Chimera Autoroot

In this help, we are going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the Chimera Autoroot function.

Video guides

In this document, we are going to list our tutorial videos. This list will be updated continuously.

Xiaomi MiAssistant mode

In this document, we are going to show you how to connect your phone in MiAssistant (sideload) mode.

Dynamic Harmony Cable

Certain Huawei models at certain firmware level need a so-called Harmony Cable if you want to access the phone in factory mode.

Обновление лицензии

В этой справке мы покажем вам, как обновить лицензию Samsung до версии Pro.

Корень MAGISK в ChimeraTool

В этом документе мы собираемся написать о нашей недавно добавленной функции рутирования с помощью MAGISK в ChimeraTool.

Режим Samsung BROM без ТП

В этой справке мы собираемся написать о нашей новейшей функции, режиме Brom без Testpoint.

Huawei- Chip is damaged error

In this document, we are going to write about the "chip is damaged" error and propose a solution for it.

Изменение CSC

В следующей справке вы получите небольшое руководство о том, как выполнить изменение CSC.

Сброс блокировки FRP (новый метод)

В этом документе вы узнаете о нашей новой функции: сброс блокировки FRP.

Режимы подключения

ChimeraTool предоставляет набор функций, доступных в разных режимах.

Первые шаги

Вы планируете окунуться в мир ремонта телефонов и вам интересно, как вы можете начать использовать наш ChimeraTool?
Вы находитесь в нужном месте.

MTK Xiaomi Patch IMEI

The following procedure will patch the IMEI of your device by tampering the phone’s Android system. Some of the newer models or phones with newer Android version will require additional steps to run this procedure successfully.

Account safety

In the following article, we will explain a few popular scams regarding Chimera Tool. We will also give solutions, in order to avoid being scammed.

Поддержка Huawei HarmonyOS

Как использовать сервисные функции в заводском режиме/режиме начальной загрузки на устройствах Huawei с HarmonyOS.

The incorrect FRP Remove use

In the following article, we will detail in which situations you shouldn't use the FRP reset.

Huawei IMEI Repair, IMEI Recovery, Write Cert

Chimera Tool can help you with your IMEI-related issues if Repair IMEI, IMEI Recovery, or Write Cert are supported for the device. In this article, we will discuss these services in detail.


With our new functions in the software we would like to make your job easier. This is why we added Firmware Extractor, TAC Device Check and IMEI Blacklist Check. You can find these in utilities tab.

Easy-Firmware Add-on

All you need to know about our special service.

MTK Dimensity CPU Summer Update – Supported Models

Chimera is the first in the World to support the following CPUs (even with SLA and DAA* authentication)

Mega MTK Update, List of Supported Models

Chimera added support for over 300 models with various MTK chipsets

Сколько компьютеров можно использовать по вашей лицензии?

Настоящим мы представляем вам нашу новую систему использования компьютеров.

Max supported modem BIT Versions for READ CODES / READ CERT methods

Max supported modem BIT Versions for READ CODES / READ CERT methods

Запрос для вашего телефона

В этой справке мы покажем вам, как отправить запрос нашим разработчикам о новых моделях, которые еще не поддерживаются. Если вы захотите отправить такой запрос, наша команда будет знать, какие модели и функции вам нужны.

Интеграция учётной записи Easy-Firmware

Во многих случаях для выполнения различных процессов обслуживания нам нужны файлы программного обеспечения, получение которых часто требует времени и поэтому является неудобным

Two factor authentication

With two factor authentication you can protect your account from strangers. After enabling the two factor authentication, you have to verify yourself every time you log-in. Your account will be protected by this function and password as well.

Rooting with Magisk Manager

In the following article, we will describe (step-by-step), how the rooting can be done with MAGISK MANAGER.

Как войти в режим обновления USB в телефонах Huawei

Краткое руководство, как войти в режим обновления USB

Демо-версия Huawei Удалить

Если вы хотите удалить демонстрационный режим с устройства, ознакомьтесь с нашим руководством.

Huawei Model and Vendor/Country Change

How to change model and vendor/country values

Как войти в режим восстановления на телефонах Huawei

Краткое руководство, как войти в режим восстановления

Как войти в режим Fastboot на телефонах Huawei

Краткое руководство, как войти в режим Fastboot

Заводской режим Huawei

Что такое Huawei Factory Mode (HUAWEI USB COM 1.0) и как перевести в него телефон

Servicing Huawei Phones (Fastboot method)

A detailed overview and how-to about Chimera's Huawei functions and procedures with Fastboot method

Chimera Official Telegram Channel

Join our Telegram channel and we will keep you up to date

Huawei Repair Recovery

An overview of Chimera's Huawei Repair Recovery procedure

Huawei Load Factory Fastboot

An overview of the Huawei Load Factory Fastboot procedure

Carrier Relock F.A.Q.

What is carrier relock and how does it work, specifically?

Huawei USB Firmware Update

A quick overview of Chimera's Huawei USB Firmware Update function

Что такое Пакеты Функций?

В этом описании вы можете ознакомиться с Пакетами Функций и практическим использованием кредитов, содержащихся в пакетах.

Chimera Coupons

We introduced our coupon system to have a nice an easy way to reward or gift our users

Как они могут добраться до нас?

Будь у вас любой вопрос или совет, мы покажем вам, на каких интерфейсах вы можете связаться с нами!

Загрузка прошивки

Инструмент Chimera может предоставить сотни файлов прошивок своим пользователям. Следующие шаги показывают, как легко можно получить доступ к этим файлам.

Для чего нужен модуль MediaTek (MTK)?

Для начала несколько мыслей о том, что такое процессор MTK, почему он включен в приложение как отдельный модуль, и почему об этом вообще нужно знать?

Operation of Patch Cert and possible workaround if not successful

Работа Patch Cert, решение на случаи неудачи:

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) reset

What you need to know about Factory Reset Protection, how to remove

Samsung Carrier Relock

Use our “Carrier Relock” procedure to unlock devices by relocking them to any (max) 64 selected carriers.

Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) & A7 (SM-A750F) Root

Manual Root methode for Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) & Galaxy A7 2018 (SM-A750F)

Samsung Knox Guard (KG) & Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) unlock functions

After installing new, factory firmware, the users have met the situation that no individual firmware or individual root solution could be installed on the devices because the OEM Unlock option is unavailable.To solve this issue, we have new procedures.

Xiaomi features, functions

What kind of Xiaomi functions do we (ChimeraTool) have and what are they used for?

Ремонт Samsung IMEI, Патч Серти

Вы ищете решение для восстановления IMEI или записи сохраненного/купленного сертификата на телефонах Samsung?
Вы находитесь там, где нужно! Прочитайте описание, чтобы получить ответы на все ваши вопросы!

Resellers Sales System

Далее мы опишем, как и у кого можно совершать покупки, как можно подключиться к нашей системе реселлеров, и всю важную информацию, которая полностью проясняет основания для исключения.

LG Imei repair instructions

Instructions and information about the LG Imei repair function

LG G4 (LG-H811) root guide

How to root your LG G4 H811 device

Правила совместного использования и возможной перепродажи программного обеспечения Chimera Tool

ChimeraTool is a software, the use of which is regulated by a license available for sale at any given time. The software may only be used with a valid license, on the designated computer the license is associated with.

What is the difference between the ChimeraTool PRO and ChimeraTool PREMIUM licences?

How do the ChimeraTool PRO and the ChimeraTool PREMIUM licences compare?

Why is it worth getting the ChimeraTool Authenticator?

In this document, we are going to explain the advantages of the Authenticator.

Автоматическое обнаружение Huawei

В этом разделе справки вы найдете информацию об автоматическом обнаружении Huawei в ChimeraTool, потенциальных проблемах и о том, как их легко решить.


information about some sub menu under the DASHBOARD

Меню реселлеров

Реселлеры: как найти реселлера рядом с вами?

Меню поддерживаемых моделей

Список поддерживаемых моделей: как это использовать

Some important information about the purchase of Chimera Authenticator

Some important information about the purchase of Chimera Authenticator

Samsung FRP lock remove

Information about the different versions of the Samsung FRP lock remove feature.

License activation

Step by step instructions for the license activation.

Samsung features, function

What kind of functions do we have for Samsung phones?

Samsung Reactivation Lock

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Reactivation Lock

Software change, editing languages on the BlackBerry OS 6, 7 phones

Updating / downgrading the software version on the BlackBerry OS 6, 7 phones

BlackBerry OS 6,7 functions and their descriptions

What kind of BlackBerry OS 6,7 functions do we offer and what are they used for?

LG functions and descriptions

You can read useful information about the LG functions.

How to enter MEP (NCK) code onto BlackBerry phones

Here you can find step by step instructions to enter MEP (NCK) code onto BlackBerry phones

What to do if the Blackberry Z10 does not accept any SIM Cards at all?

In some rare cases it can happen that your Blackberry Z10 STL100-1 does not accept any SIM cards at all or that the phone is showing "SIM not compatible". In this help section we will show you how can you can solve this issue with the Chimera Tool.

Unable to establish ADB connection, phone offline, etc...

This help section includes the ADB connection issue and it show you how can you easily solve it.

Supported BlackBerry MEP's

Here you can find a list of the supported BlackBerry MEP's.

How to solve the modem problem with the Android Lollipop

As you might know, there is a small problem with the 5.0 Android versions but only with 5.0. With this version there is no possibility to enable the recovery mode, so we must use a small trick. Often there is no communication allowed with the modem.

Samsung firmware naming convention and explanation

You can check whether your device's modem is compatible with this procedure or not. Please make sure to check it as the first step.

What data is needed for having a valid BIS & Internet connection (3G, EDGE)?

Here you can learn about the BIS and what data is needed to have a valid BIS & Internet connection.

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