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Automatic Huawei detection

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This help section gives you information about automatic Huawei detection in ChimeraTool, potential issues and how to easily solve them.

What does auto detection mean?

When you connect your phone to the ChimeraTool software, it automatically detects your phone without you having to do anything.

I am stuck on this screen. What should I do?

Before doing anything else, run the Huawei driver installer first, then reconnect your device to the computer.

If you still have the issue, please make sure that your computer finished the driver installation.

This can be done by opening up the Device Manager and looking for Android Composite ADB Interface under Android Phone.

It looks like the driver installed successfully and I'm still at this stage. What should I do now?

Unfortunately, the automatic detection failed for you. What you can do at this point is unlock your device and enable ADB by hand.

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