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12 de ago. de 2021

Samsung: added Repair IMEI and Patch Cert for MTK models

  • Galaxy A01 Core (SM-A013F/G/M)
  • Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F/M/N/W)
  • Galaxy A31(SM-A315F/G/N)
  • Galaxy A32(SM-A325F/M/N)
  • Galaxy A41(SM-A415F)
  • Galaxy M01 Core (SM-M013F)
  • Galaxy M01s (SM-M017F)
  • Galaxy M02 (SM-M022F/G/M)

Huawei: added Load Factory Fastboot procedure for phones with

  • Kirin 990
  • Kirin 990 5G
  • Kirin 820
  • Kirin 985
  • Kirin 710A

It can be used to do Repair Recovery and fix bootloop issues.

New features and improvements:

  • Core: fixed a bug when changing phone brands
  • Core: fixed multiple bugs which could cause application crashes
  • Core: improved Windows 7 compatibility
  • Vivo: Vivo MTK phones are fully handled by the Vivo module from now
  • Huawei: fixed a bug when using firmware archives for Repair Recovery