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15 de mai. de 2020

New features and improvements:

  • Generic: Better GZIP handling
  • Generic: Improved worldwide server caching for faster response & downloads
  • Oppo: New XML format is now supported
  • LG MTK: New warning for paid procedures (before start)
  • Samsung: Improved Read Codes for older Qualcomm models (Galaxy S8 /SM-G950x/G955x, Galaxy Note8 /SM-N950x, etc.)
  • Samsung: Improved T-Mobile unlock for Exynos models (Galaxy A6 /SM-A600T-T1, Galaxy J2 /SM-J260T1, etc.)

You can test now:

  • LG: Added Network Factory Reset, FRP and IMEI Repair for many LG-Qualcomm devices. It’s out as BETA, we need you to use it and test it so we can create a detailed model list. You will be warned if the procedure is running in BETA mode.