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Diretiva de reembolso

Refund policy


on returning products, on cancelling the performance of services ordered, on the repayment of the purchase price, on the delivery of defective or damaged products and missing orders
(Money back guarantee)


  1. Introductory provisions

The policy on exercising the right of cancellation shall be interpreted and applied together and in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. Euro Server Sro. reserves the right to change this policy on exercising the right of cancellation at any time. This policy was last modified on 21 June 2017, and is in compliance with the laws of Hungary in effect on that day.

The policy refers to the Client and the User as synonymous terms.

The Client/User shall contact the customer service of Euro Server Sro. in all cases when it wishes to return product(s) or an order or when it wishes to cancel the performance of the services ordered. 

Euro Server Sro. hereby calls the attention of Clients/Users to the fact that the condition and content of the products ordered and the software purchased must be inspected in each case after they have been delivered or downloaded. This policy sets out the procedure to be followed by the Client/User if the product downloaded does not function, functions in a defective manner not in line with its intended function or purpose, if it is damaged, or if the Client/User wishes to exercise its statutory right of cancellation in the case of a malfunctioning product. This policy shall apply also in the case if the products purchased by the Client/User have been delivered incompletely, if other products have been delivered instead of the ones ordered or if the products have not been delivered in the required quality.

  1. General consumers’ rights

This policy shall not affect the general rights of consumers set out by law.

Clients may learn about their general consumers’ rights on the following links:

National Legislation Database of Hungary: http://www.njt.hu/

Search directory of legal acts of the EU in Hungarian: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/homepage.html?locale=hu


  1. Exercising the right of cancellation

If the Client decides not to keep the product ordered, or wishes to cancel the services already commenced or those ordered but not yet commenced (hereinafter: exercising the right of cancellation), the Client shall have 14 days to return the product received or to indicate its wish to exercise the right of cancellation and wish to return the products to the customer service of Euro Server Sro. The 14-day deadline for exercising the right of cancellation shall commence on the day when the product is delivered or the provision of the service commences (the software is downloaded from the Website).

Any and all products shall be returned in an unused condition, in the original and unopened packaging in which they were delivered to the Client.

  1. Cancelling the order (returning the ordered product, cancelling the services ordered)

In the course of cancelling the order, the Client shall follow the following instructions:

  1. The Client shall contact the customer service of Euro Server Sro. on either of the following contact details: telephone number: +42 12 3352 7665, email address: [email protected] (please note that the customer services of Euro Server Sro. are located in Slovakia and the United Kingdom; therefore, calling the telephone lines indicated above may give rise to additional costs).
  2. The Client shall inform the customer service of Euro Server Sro. about the reason for exercising the right of cancellation (with special regard to the defective or damaged nature of the product).
  3. If Euro - Server Sro. Acknowledges that the User/Client wishes to exercise the right of cancellation, it shall send a written confirmation of such acknowledgement to User/Client (via email) within 24 hours from the first working day following the receipt of such notice.
  4. After the User/Client has indicated its wish to exercise its right of cancellation to Euro Server Sro., Euro Server Sro. will ensure within 24 hours that the User’s access to the software is disabled. The User expressly acknowledges such measure.
  5. If the Client has started using the software and wishes to exercise its right of cancellation within the statutory timeframe, Euro Server Sro. may retain a proportionate amount of the purchase price. In this case, the Client shall only be entitled to a partial refund of the purchase price.
  6. If the Client wishes to return a product ordered and then delivered via postal mail/courier service, the customer service of Euro Server Sro. shall provide the Client with all information necessary for returning the product (e.g. return address, instructions as regards packaging) in writing (via email), and shall send such information within 24 hours from the date the right of cancellation is exercised.
  7. The Customer shall then return the product in line with the instructions of the customer service sent by email, by packaging the product with care and by following the instructions indicated on the return form (addressing, displaying the return ID and order number).
  8. The User shall preserve the certificate of posting, bill or invoice received or any other corresponding document providing proof of the return as regards the returning of the product until the purchase price has been paid (or a new product is sent).
  9. If, in the case of a defective product, the User requested the customer service to send a new product, and the product is unavailable, Euro Server Sro. will ensure that the purchase price be paid back in the same manner as it was paid by the User.
  10. The risk of returning the product shall be borne by the User in all cases until such product is delivered to the postal address dedicated to returns designated by Euro Server Sro., with regard to which Euro Server Sro. recommends that Clients should choose a method for returning products that offers a tracking function.


  1. Procedure pertaining to returned products

Euro Server Sro. shall pay back the entire (or, in certain cases, a part of the) purchase price within 24 hours from sending a confirmation via email to the User confirming its exercising of its right of cancellation with regard to the software ordered and from disabling the User’s access to the software.

If the Client requested a refund of the purchase price of a product ordered and delivered via postal mail, Euro Server Sro. will repay the entire purchase price of the product(s) to the Client (including the costs of carriage arising upon dispatching the product and paid by the Client or the part thereof pro-rated to the Product, if applicable) within 5 working days from the delivery of the products to the postal address indicated in the confirmation email.

The full or partial purchase price will at all times be refunded via the method used by the Client to pay for the product in the first place.

Any and all costs arising as a result of the Client having exercised the right of cancellation in relation to returning the products or the limitation of the User’s access to the software, if any, shall be borne by the User.

Euro Server Sro. will only pay the postal costs of returning the products (or a part thereof) if:

  1. a product other than that ordered has been sent, and returning the same is expressly requested by Euro Server Sro., or
  2. the product is defective or damaged and returning the same is expressly requested by Euro Server Sro., or
  3. if an order has been delivered twice due to the fact that the original order was not delivered within the delivery deadline set out in this policy, and, therefore, a new product was sent in the false presumption that the original product was lost; however, both the original order and the subsequently shipped order have been delivered and the Client does not wish to keep both orders (in exchange for a consideration), and returns one of them to Euro Server Sro.

If Euro - Server Sro. establishes after inspecting the product returned that it is not defective or damaged, the fee of returning and the postal costs will not be reimbursed.

If the product is delivered as a result of exercising the right of cancellation within 14 days as set out by the general consumption law (that is, the Client does not wish to keep it and revokes its previous intent to purchase), the costs of postal delivery in each case shall be borne by the Client.

  1. Other procedures

If the Client

  • has not received the product/services ordered,
  • received/downloaded a damaged or defective product
  • has not received all products ordered,

the Client shall indicate such circumstances to Euro Server Sro. within 14 days from the delivery of the order or the date access was granted to the services. In the case of faulty performance not indicated within such deadline, Euro Server Sro. shall not accept any complaints or objections (missing the deadline shall result in forfeiture).

  1. Submitting complaints to authorities

If the Client/User is not satisfied with the methods of returning, replacing or repairing the products or has any other complaints, it may file complaints with the regional authorities having jurisdiction in the given geographical area.


  1. Software updates and / or support

“Update” means a revision of the Chimera Tool software that improves the functionality of it, and may contain new features or enhancements, which is not an upgrade. Every purchased license (software) is a fully functional version not a Beta or RC one. Important bug fixes are free, but we have no warranty for any further new functions. If you want your money back, because you did not receive new features which were not supported in the time of the purchase, we are not able to refund it.

  1. General

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase of Chimera software, you may be eligible for a full refund according to Refund Conditions outlined below. However, we are convinced that most of refunds can be avoided if you request professional help from our Customer Support.

  1. Refund Conditions

ChimeraTool software

  • According to the conditions of our Refund Policy, you may be eligible to receive a full refund within 30 days after the day of your purchase if your provided reasons don't contradict with Refund Policy conditions.
  • No refund will be available after this period is over.
  • The refund may apply only to the primary (first) Chimera Tool subscription.
  • If you own more than one subscription, no refund will be available.
  • Your money may be refunded only once. If you buy Chimera Tool again later, your recurring refund request is not reasonable.
  • Any purchase of the software on a discounted price is non-refundable.

Extension of subscription

  • Non-refundable

Force majeure

 No refund can be given to Chimera Tool customers in case their reasons for a refund are completely beyond our control. They are the following:

  • The target computer doesn't have Internet access any longer
  • A customer doesn't follow the installation guidelines of our customer support team.
  • The customer does not have admin access on target computer.
  • If the customer counted on using ChimeraTool on more than one target device after buying only one subscription plan.
  • Personal reasons ("I've changed my mind", "I've made a purchase by mistake", etc.).
  • The fear of our business shuts down permanently is not a rational reason of requesting a refund because the software doesn’t depend on the server. Even if the business shuts down, the server and the domain still work for years without any problem as it is already paid for and registered for the following years.

Extended Functions

 Customers must accept the fact that these functions cost extra credits even if the process was not successful. (Prices are written also under “Credits Prices”)

 In many cases the reason of unsuccessful process (of extended functions) is phone-hardware problem not software. We are not able to fix hardware errors.

 We provide solution for software  errors that is why refund request in these cases are not reasonable.

 If you contact our support team and provide work ID they can find if the problem was hardware or software related.


  1. Refund Procedure

You are required to send your refund request to the Billing Dpt. [email protected] or via Live Chat. The refund decision is usually made within one or two business days.