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Versão20.85.1338     Data da emissão: 17/04/2019
Tamanho45,03 MB     MD5 hash: 4db203ff273ad7bd2a97b74d626b47f7
Sistema op. apoiadoWindows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 1032/64 bit

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20.85.1338Xiaomi is now supported

Our Xiaomi support is now official and stable:

Features and functions (in EDL mode with Secure Authentication):

  • FRP Remove
  • Update Firmware (fixes bricked phones) *
  • Factory Reset
  • Modem Backup / Restore / Repair (EFS)

Features and functions (in Normal and Sideload mode):

  • Get info
  • Factory Reset
  • Update Firmware **

* It's possible to select the software version you wish to use from a dropdown or browse and select your own file.
** You can only use the current or newer software version and manual version selection is not available.

More than 70 models are supported, the full list is available at
If you can't find your device in the list, please report us immediately via our support chat at

Xiaomi procedures are available with Start, Pro, and Premium licenses.

20.84.1608Samsung: RMM & KnoxGuard Unlock, New models with Read Codes Online
20.80.1420Supporting Xiaomi phones in EDL mode with Secure Authentication
20.64.2128Samsung Read Codes Online for Galaxy M10 & A10/30/50 & J2 Core
20.49.1355Samsung Read Codes Online for Galaxy S10, M & A series
20.39.0941New Unlock Online procedure for LG T-mobile and MetroPCS devices
20.31.1427Samsung Exynos Read/Write/Patch Cert
20.06.1028LG Repair IMEI Procedure reworked