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Xiaomi features, functions

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What kind of Xiaomi functions do we (ChimeraTool) have and what are they used for?


Restore / Store Backup

It creates a modem calibration backup (EFS) what can be used later for restore. It also has a Repair function that restores to the factory default settings (it deletes the current settings and restores using the Golden Copy). This function only works if the device is connected in EDL mode.

Factory Reset

Execute the built-in Android factory reset function. This function works if the device is connected in normal or in EDL mode as well.
Factory Resetting a mobile device is not reversible. Please make sure all of your information is saved to a backup before attempting to reset your phone or tablet.

Update Firmware

With this function you can update, downgrade and reinstall the current software version on a device. In most cases this will repair software errors, and can change/add languages as well.
If the device is connected in EDL mode: choose the software version you wish to use from the dropdown or browse and select your own file.
If the device is connected in Normal/Sideload mode, you can only use the current or newer software version. You can not manually select a software file in this case.

Remove FRP Lock

This function only works if the device is connected in EDL mode.
Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is automatically activated in every Android device during the Google account setup process. Once FRP is enabled and someone wants to reset the device using the Backup & Reset feature, then the system would require the device's security PIN to protect the owner's data and files.

While it’s a good thing in general, it can become a problem if you sell, trade, or even return a new phone without factory resetting it. If you've forgotten to turn off FRP and send a phone to someone else, you'll likely need to help them get it set up. This means giving them access to your Google account password or to have the device returned so you can do it yourself.

The FRP remove function helps the shops and owners to enable the Factory Reset function again on their devices.

Get Info

Retrieve generic, basic information about the device such as serial number, IMIE, model number, etc. Only works if the device is connected in normal mode.

Repair IMEI 

The IMEI or MEID number for your mobile phone acts as a unique identifier for that device. No two devices will have the same IMEI or MEID, which makes it a very useful tool for tracking lost or stolen cell phones. You can quickly retrieve and record your phone's IMEI or MEID number in a variety of different ways, depending on your device.

The IMEI number is used by a GSM network to identify valid devices and therefore can be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network. For example, if a mobile phone is stolen, the owner can call their network provider and instruct them to blacklist the phone using its IMEI number. This renders the phone useless on that network and sometimes other networks too, whether or not the phone's subscriber identity module (SIM) is changed.

The Repair IMEI function is for restoration of the original IMEI of a device.

Network Factory Reset

Normally, Network Factory Reset resets all network related settings to the device’s factory state, before it was configured by any company or carrier. This can repair devices that don’t connect to networks that are compatible by factory state or fix signal/reception related issues.

Connection Modes


EDL Mode – To use a device in EDL mode, you have to open the device and short specific test points on the mainboard and then connect it via USB. More functions are available if a device is connected in EDL mode, but you have to manually select the device model as Chimera will not be able to identify it.

Available functions in EDL Mode:

  • Restore / Store Backup
  • Factory Reset
  • Update Firmware (each SW version)
  • Remove FRP Lock

Normal Mode – To use a device in normal mode, you just have to connect the device with ADB turned on.

Available functions in Normal Mode:

  • Get Info
  • Factory Reset
  • Update Firmware (current or newer SW version)

Sildeload Mode / "Mi Assistant" Mode– You can only flash the device in sideload mode.

Available functions in Sideload / "Mi Assistant" Mode:

  • Update Firmware (current or newer SW version)


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