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Public Beta status

Ez a dokumentum ekkor készült: 2016. szept. 12. 17:31:43, és ekkor módosult: 2023. szept. 22. 18:01:39.

In ChimeraTool, there is a new status under a few models that is called "Beta". Get to know the Beta status better by reading the following article.

Beta status

"Beta" simply means that the specific procedure or function is actually still in a development phase, it is only public for reasons of testing so that we can build a faster and more reliable solution.

Please use these Beta procedures or functions only at your own risk!
But don't worry, it doesn't mean that it will damage your phone if you use it. The only problem that might arise is that some functions will not work.
Of course, once they have been thoroughly tested and get fully supported, this status will disappear and will be seen the same as any other.


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