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SW Change

¿Qué es SW Change la función?

Our SW change feature allows you to upgrade, downgrade the firmware version of the device. Other use of this feature is when there is a no-boot error, device freeze issue with your device. Most of the cases a simple SW change can solve those types of issues.
Additionally, if you are in need to change the language or add new ones to the device, it is possible also by using this feature.

Funciones ChimeraTool

¿Cómo SW Change funciona?

To be able to perform a firmware change, you need to connect the phone to our Tool in the right mode. It is crucial as the SW change can be reach in different modes, depending on the brand of the device. Currently this feature is available for Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Nokia devices.
The connection type for Samsung and LG devices is in Download mode while for Blackberry and Nokia the Normal mode is needed. This feature won’t require any credits within an active license.