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Jan 18, 2024

New features

Samsung MTK

  • new models are supported for FRP Remove procedure - available from ODIN mode, no need to disassemble the device:
    • Samsung Galaxy A15 (SM-A155F)
    • Samsung Galaxy A24 (SM-A245F, SM-A245M, SM-A245N)
  • additionally, IMEI Repair and Patch Cert procedures are now available for the following device:
    • Samsung Galaxy A14 (SM-A145P)

Samsung Exynos

  • New models arrived:
    • Samsung Galaxy A25 (SM-A256E, SM-A256B)
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE 5G (SM-X516B, SM-X516C, SM-X518U)
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus 5G (SM-X616B, SM-X616C)
    • Samsung Galaxy M34 5G (SM-M346B1, SM-M346B2)

    Supported procedures in Normal Mode are: Read Codes Online, IMEI Repair, Patch Cert and Demo Remove (Root required)

    Available procedures in EUB mode: Backup, Bootloader Unlock, Change Csc, Change Serial, Read Codes, Factory Reset, Fmm Remove, Frp Remove, Knoxguard Remove, Lost Mode Remove, Common Criteria Remove, Mdm Remove, Remove Warnings, Security Backup/Restore, Network Factory Reset

Improvements and fixes


  • fixed a bug of IMEI input fields during IMEI Repair, now you can paste from clipboard easily


  • Samsung firmware server API changed, Chimera is adjusted so now Samsung firmware downloads work correctly

Generic Qualcomm

  • fixed a bug in programmer handout (in case of a specific type of programmers), more Qualcomm devices are expected to be supported
  • fixed a bug in Qualcomm procedures provided for Motorola devices
  • Factory Reset procedure improved (Samsung and some other phones affected)
  • Manual programmer selection dialog improved: More device details added to the dialog, which is shown when we're unable to provide a working programmer for the device

Huawei Qualcomm

  • made improvements in Huawei ID Remove procedure: Factory Reset is now performed automatically after ID removal