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Dec 18, 2023

New features: Reboot procedure

  • Users can now run a Reboot procedure with a single click, allowing the device to switch to various modes

Improvements and fixes: Samsung

  • Connection Guide has been revised to give you more accurate instructions on how to safely connect a device in EUB mode
  • Minor improvements of Serial Change procedure of Exynos devices

Improvements and fixes: Huawei

  • .RAR files from Halabtech can now be used in USB Firmware Update procedure

Improvements and fixes: Motorola

  • Boot Repair procedure in Qualcomm EDL mode is now more reliable and has better success rate due to minor tweaks

Other improvements and fixes

  • Partition table corruption detection: Users will be notified if the partition table is corrupted. (Qualcomm, MTK)
  • Generic Qualcomm mode fix: you can now switch from Generic Qualcomm mode to any other Qualcomm mode
  • UsbDk driver installer improvements: checking if the UsbDk installer is still running in the background and waiting for it to finish