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Nov 16, 2023

We are proud to announce the latest updates to our Chimera Tool software. With these enhancements, we continue to focus on providing the best possible experience for our users, catering to a wide range of mobile devices and addressing specific technical needs.

Major Update: Improved Rooting Solution

Significant code overhaul for an improved rooting solution, particularly targeting Samsung devices with an init_boot partition. This update not only enhances the stability of rooting on Samsung devices but also improves the generic root solution for other models.

New Feature: Disable Huawei ID

Introduction of the Disable Huawei ID feature, designed to permanently remove Huawei ID from Huawei devices equipped with Qualcomm SoCs. This functionality means you can remove Huawei ID lock and other means of protection. After disabling Huawei ID, the device is fully functioning, you can use apps, make calls, send messages - however, the Huawei App Gallery, Huawei Cloud, Huawei Find Device and other Huawei services may not be available.

Supported devices include:

  • Huawei P50E (ABR-AL60)
  • Huawei P50 (ABR-LX9)
  • Huawei MatePad SE 10.4 (AGS5-L09)
  • Huawei Hi Nova 10 (ALH-BD00)
  • Huawei Mate X3 (ALT-AL00)
  • Honor X30 (ANY-AN00)
  • Honor X9 5G, Honor Magic4 Lite 5G (ANY-NX1)
  • Huawei P50 Pocket (BAL-L49)
  • Huawei Nova 10 SE (BNE-AL00 BNE-LX1, BNE-LX3)
  • Huawei Mate 50 (CET-AL00)
  • Huawei Mate 50E (CET-AL60)
  • Huawei Enjoy 50 Pro (CTR-AL00)
  • Huawei Nova Y90 (CTR-LX1, CTR-LX2)
  • Huawei Mate 50 RS Porsche Design (DCO-AL00)
  • Huawei Mate 50 Pro (DCO-LX9)
  • Honor 70 5G (FNE-NX9)
  • Huawei Y9a (FRL-L23)
  • Huawei Nova 10 Pro (GLA-LX1, GLA-LX3)
  • Huawei Nova 9 Pro (Hebe-BD00)
  • Hi Nova 9 (HERA-BD00)
  • Huawei P50 Pro (JAD-AL00, JAD-LX9)
  • Huawei Nova 9 SE (JLN-AL00, JLN-LX1, JLN-LX3)
  • Huawei P60 (LNA-AL00)
  • Honor 60 (LSA-AN00)
  • Huawei Nova 11i (MAO-LX9, MAO-LX9N)
  • Huawei P60 Pro, Huawei P60 Art (MNA-AL00)
  • Huawei P60 Pro (MNA-LX9)
  • Huawei Nova 9 (NAM-AL00, NAM-LX9)
  • Huawei Nova 10 (NCO-AL00, NCO-LX1, NCO-LX3)
  • Honor 50 (NTH-AN00, NTH-NX9)
  • Honor 70 Lite (RBN-NX1)
  • Honor X8A (RBN-NX3)
  • Honor Magic5 Lite 5G, Honor X9a 5G (RMO-NX1)
  • Honor Magic5 Lite (RMO-NX3)
  • Huawei Nova 9 Pro (RTE-AL00)
  • Huawei Nova y91 (STG-LX1, STG-LX2)
  • Honor 60 Pro (TNA-AN00)
  • Honor Play 30 (VNE-AN00)
  • Honor X8 5G (VNE-N41)

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Resolved minor crashes that could occur during Samsung's Boot Repair procedure.
  • Fixed a bug related to handling EROFS filesystem, which mainly affected Xiaomi's Patch IMEI procedure.
  • Minor improvements in automatic Qualcomm programmer selection, enhancing the overall performance and accuracy.

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