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Apr 6, 2023

Free & Reduced Pricing for Samsung Procedures

We reviewed all our Samsung procedures and adjusted their pricing, either by making some of them free or reducing their costs, in order to better match the market! :)

New features and improvements:

  • Generic MTK: added a new Disable Orange State procedure which you can use to remove warning messages if the bootloader is unlocked
  • Samsung MTK: added a new method to automatically switch to bootrom mode
  • Qualcomm & MTK: added a new feature to Advanced Flash procedure, which you can use to erase partitions
  • Samsung MTK: now PIT is recognised as a special partition in the created backups


  • Huawei: fixed a bug in Get Info procedure, when running it from Fastboot mode
  • Chimera Core: fixed a UI bug on the Job History panel
  • Chimera Core: we needed to disable the Chinese regional server for maintenance purposes