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Dec 1, 2022

New features and improvements:

  • Generic Qualcomm: added a new Get Info procedure which can list various information about the device in EDL mode
  • Generic Qualcomm: refactored the Factory Reset procedure to use the phone's internal erasing mechanism
  • Generic Qualcomm & MTK: refactored the handling of EXT file systems both in MTK and Qualcomm procedures
  • Samsung: added some improvements to the Soft-Brick solution for MTK phones


  • Samsung: fixed a bug when rebooting into download mode from modem mode
  • Samsung: fixed a bug which could occur during phone detection if the ADB connection was disabled, but the DIAG port was enabled
  • Samsung: fixed NV data item encoding/decoding for unknown MTK modems, for many procedures
  • Chimera Utility: fixed a couple of UI bugs on the utility panel