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Oct 20, 2022

Did anyone notice that we skipped the last biweekly update? It happens when our developers are too busy working on a big update that's coming soon! ;)

Free IMEI Blacklist Checks

Starting from now, our users will get free IMEI blacklist checks with any Chimera licence they buy! You will get 20 free checks for each Samsung licence, 50 checks for each Pro licence and 100 checks for each Premium licence. You can run IMEI checks on the web dashboard (after login) and in Chimera, in the Utilities section. We also reduced the price from 7 to 5 CRD per check!

New features and improvements:

  • Samsung: additional improvements in the soft-brick (enter bootrom without TP) mechanism when executing bootrom mode procedures for MTK phones
  • LG: additional check was implemented into the FRP Remove procedure to avoid false-positive results of this function on Qualcomm phones
  • LG: an extra check was implemented into the IMEI Repair procedure as well to avoid false-positive results of this function on MTK phones
  • Generic MTK: now using additional properties to improve phone identification
  • Xiaomi: Patch IMEI procedure is disabled for MTK phones where it's definitely won't work
  • Xiaomi: renamed some of the procedures to be more user friendly
  • Huawei: rephrased dialog messages which pop up during procedure executions for Hisi/Kirin phones
  • Chimera Utility: usability of the EasyFirmware downloader was improved: you can access and download more files from now, but due to the EF's internal behavior we're forwarding the actual download link to your web browser which will handle the download


  • Generic MTK: fixed a bug when restoring backups that could fail with "Internal Error"
  • Xiaomi: fixed a bug when handling phones in sideload mode
  • Chimera Utility: fixed a bug in the destination path selector of the Firmware Extractor