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Aug 11, 2022

Samsung MTK:

Without Test Point: Chimera can automatically change to bootrom mode (soft brick) for most Samsung MTK models (if possible)! We always focused on easy and user friendly solutions and this update means that you can service a lot more devices with Chimera just using a cable, without hardware disassemble.

  • Automatically fix devices with damaged GPT (bricked)
  • Added a new Set Knox Guard State procedure
  • Major changes were done in the Samsung module to help future improvements

Generic MTK:

  • Various improvements were implemented for the Repair IMEI procedure

Generic Qualcomm:

  • Retry programmer selection and resend automatically where it's possible (without using the test point again)
  • Added a new warning dialog to reconnect the battery after a successful programmer upload
  • Added a new fail-safe mechanism to communicate with programmers that do not strictly comply with the firehose protocol