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May 5, 2022

New features and improvements:

  • MTK: improved Repair IMEI (generic) procedure: enables the procedure on various LG phones with MTK SoCs
  • Motorola: Boot Repair function can use normal firmware packs from now (usually blankflashes / singleimages could be used successfully before)
  • MTK: Firmware Update procedure fails with more meaningful error if the selected firmware pack is incompatible with the device
  • Huawei: rewritten some error messages to be more user friendly (affects procedures for Kirin SoCs)
  • Core: improved overall application stability


  • Qualcomm: fixed a bug when trying to detect the sector size of the device's flash chip
  • Huawei: fixed a couple of errors when running Factory Mode procedures on Kirin SoCs
  • Samsung: fixed multiple bugs when collecting Samsung firmware packs from the official source
  • Core: fixed a UI glitch which affected the "Hide" button on the panel of completed procedures