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Mar 11, 2021

Improvements and bugfixes:

  • Core: improved user analytics
  • Core: smaller executable size due to refactoring of resource usage
  • Generic Qualcomm and Motorola: improved overall stability
  • Motorola: various bugfixes and improvements in Motorola's Repair Boot procedure

Huawei changes:

  • Demo Remove procedure is merged with Modify Oeminfo from now
  • Modify Oeminfo is also available in Fastboot mode
  • Modify Oeminfo is extended with Convert to Dual SIM and Disable FW compatibility* features
  • The phone automatically reboots into USB update mode after a successful Modify Oeminfo procedure (to ease the usage of USB Firmware Update procedure)
  • Restore SIM State** procedure is added

Samsung changes:

  • improved functionality of CSC Change procedure for the latest firmwares

* By using this checkbox the phone should accept all firmware versions during USB Firmware Update procedure. It doesn't generally mean that it allows version downgrade, because the phone can have different checks against that. It is usually used to let the phone accept a different model's firmware after a model name change.

** The Modify Oeminfo's Convert to Dual SIM feature creates a backup of the phone's original SIM state value, before it does the modification. The backup can be restored with this procedure.


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