ChimeraTool Samsung licence for €69.90

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SamsungPrice: 699 CRD

We recommend our ChimeraTool Samsung licence to users who only wish to use the software specifically for repairing Samsung telephones and do not wish to use it for other brands. Currently, more than 2000 Samsung models are supported, covering more than 99% of the Samsung telephones in the market.

The ChimeraTool Samsung licence is valid for one year and includes unlimited use of most procedures (some procedures are only available with extra ChimeraTool credits). In addition to that, 10,000 phones can be connected to the Tool until the license expires. Furthermore, this licence includes access to every ChimeraTool software update we publish during the validity period.
When you purchase this licence you only receive the licence – extra credits, if needed, can be bought separately.

CRD prices:

It is important to know that after each PC attachment you perform, there will be a fixed 48-hour waiting period. After the 48-hour period has elapsed, you can freely move your purchased license to another PC.

The ChimeraTool Samsung licence is available for €69.9 or for 699 ChimeraTool credits.

How many computers can be used on your License?

Supported models
Blackberry Nokia HTC Nokia Samsung LG Huawei 
Advanced Update Firmware Supported models
CSC Change Supported models
Carrier Relock Supported models65 CRD / procedure
Change CID Supported models
Demo Remove Supported models
Device Info Supported models
Enable ADB Supported models
Enable Diag Mode Supported models
Factory Reset Supported models
Firmware Compatibility Supported models
Firmware Download (workaround for licence check) Supported models
Get Info Supported models
MSL Unlock Supported models
Network Factory Reset Supported models0 - 99 CRD / procedure
Network Factory Reset (Online) Supported models19 - 99 CRD / procedure
Network Factory Reset (Wipe based) Supported models99 CRD / procedure
Network Repair Supported models
Patch Certificate Supported models
Patch Knoxguard Supported models
RMM Remove Supported models
Read Cert Supported models0 - 59 CRD / procedure
Read Codes Supported models0 - 90 CRD / procedure
Read Codes Online Supported models99 CRD / procedure
Read SPC/MSL Supported models
Reboot Supported models
Remove Anti-rollback Lock Supported models
Remove Common Criteria Supported models
Remove FMM Supported models
Remove FRP Supported models
Remove Knoxguard Supported models
Remove Lost Mode Supported models
Remove MDM Supported models
Remove Warnings Supported models
Repair Boot Supported models
Repair Device Root Key Supported models
Repair EFS Supported models
Repair IMEI Supported models
Repair Serial Supported models
Reset EE Lock Supported models
Reset FRP/Reactivation Lock Supported models
Reset FRP/Reactivation Lock - UFS Supported models
Reset Reactivation Lock Supported models
Reset Screen Lock Supported models
Restore / Store backup Supported models
Restore Security Backup Supported models
Root Supported models
Root / Unroot Supported models
Set Knox Guard State Supported models
Set SIM Count Supported models
Switch to EUB Supported models
Unlock / Relock Bootloader Supported models
Update Firmware Supported models
Write Cert Supported models
IMEI Blacklist Check Supported models

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