BlackBerry P'9980/P'9981 Bold 0c001204 - a supported Blackberry model by ChimeraTool

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BlackBerry P'9980/P'9981 Bold


BlackBerry P'9980/P'9981 Bold


Network Factory Reset  
SW Change  
Auto Turn On  
Backup phone  
Enable Disable Internal Memory  
Fix Error 507  
Get Info  
MEP Unlock  
Read MSL  
Reset Camera  
Reset LCD  
Restore Phone  
Save modem calibration  

Paid features

Repair IMEI *  
4 CRD / phone
9 CRD / phone
Reset lifetimer  
9 CRD / phone


Buy now!Or login if you have active licence.
* This function is intended for restoring the phone's original IMEI only. Before continuing, please make sure that repairing the IMEI is not prohibited by any law in your country.
You are running this procedure on your own responsibility.