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Become a Reseller!

Two options are available for our future resellers, if they wish to trade Chimera credits


  1. A total of 33,000 CRDs must be purchased at a time. This is the best solution, as the price without discount would be EUR 3,300, but with the -20% discount we provide, the total price is EUR 2,640. Overall this means 33,000 CRDs are available for EUR 2,640 (this is a guaranteed gain of EUR 660).
  2. A total of 18,000 CRDs must be purchased at a time. This construction is recommended for those who do not wish to invest a lot of money, but would also like to realise a decent gain. The original price would be EUR 1,800, but with the -15% discount on it, the 18,000 CRDs only cost EUR 1,530.  (This translates to a gain of EUR 270.)


How do we guarantee that you indeed earn this amount?

First of all, each reseller must accept our official end user prices, which can be found at:
The resellers must also pass the credits on at these prices; a maximum deviation of 5% is allowed. As the rule is compulsory to all, we can thereby guarantee the profit as well. The task of the reseller naturally includes arranging for advertisements and keeping in touch with the clients.

Furthermore, it is important to know that each reseller must have a webshop, where the Chimera credits and the other Chimera credits are sold. Without this, no one can be a reseller and may not officially sell Chimera products. The list of our official resellers can be found here:, where all data and contact details of all resellers are listed.

It is important to know for the following that we continually control our resellers, checking their accessibility, the responses they provide to users and their compliance with the regulations. In case infringements are found and the reseller makes no amends despite our warning, the said reseller’s profile will be suspended, and will be removed from the official list of resellers and its right to sell credits will also be terminated.


I’d like to be a reseller, how can I make the payment?

Payments are accepted via PayPal or by bank transfer.


Additional information:

The right to resell is basically an interface through which the reseller can send credits and licenses to the users. The user may spend or subsequently use the credits on the
If the user did not use the credits, it is possible for the reseller to take it back for a period of 24 hours. This is a useful function if the user asks for a refund or has changed his/her mind.
It is recommended to issue licenses or credits to users only after payment has gone through successfully, as a lot of hassle can be avoided this way.


Reseller price calculator

Need to pay
15 %
Credit quantity
18,824 CRD

Credit quantity
15 %
Need to pay
1,530 €