ChimeraTool supported firmwares

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Available Firmware Files

All listed firmware can be installed using ChimeraTool!
The firmware list is constantly expanding with the current versions.

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DeviceDownload (using Chimera)VersionDateRegionTypeNameCarrierSuffixSoftware version
Xiaomi Mi 9 (cepheus)Download SoftwareV12.0.1.0.QFAMIXMJul 8, 2020globalstable
Xiaomi Redmi 8 (olive)Download SoftwareV11.0.11.0.PCNMIXMJul 8, 2020globalstable
Xiaomi Mi 9 (cepheus)Download SoftwareV12.0.2.0.QFACNXMJul 7, 2020cnstable
Xiaomi Redmi 8A (olivelite)Download SoftwareV11.0.7.0.PCPMIXMJul 7, 2020globalstable
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (willow)Download SoftwareV11.0.9.0.PCXEUXMJul 7, 2020globalstable
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (platina)Download SoftwareV11.0.2.0.QDTCNXMJul 7, 2020cnstable
Xiaomi Redmi 7 (onclite)Download SoftwareV11.0.6.0.PFLMIXMJul 7, 2020globalstable
LG G2 Mini (LG-D620R)Download SoftwareD62020G_00Jul 7, 2020D62020G_00 TMH ATMHOPTMHATMHOPD620r20g_00.kdz
LG G4c (LG-H525N)Download SoftwareH525N20E_00Jul 7, 2020H525N20E_00 CZE ACZEOPCZEACZEOPH525n20e_00_0505.kdz
LG G3 (LG-D855)Download SoftwareD85530O_00Jul 7, 2020D85530O_00 6GB A6GBOP6GBA6GBOPD85530o_00_0425.kdz
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)Download SoftwareV11.0.7.0.PCOCNXMJul 6, 2020cnstable
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (willow)Download SoftwareV11.0.4.0.PCXMIXMJul 6, 2020globalstable
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)Download SoftwareV11.0.9.0.PCOMIXMJul 6, 2020globalstable
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (sakura)Download SoftwareV11.0.6.0.PDICNXMJul 6, 2020cnstable
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (equuleus)Download SoftwareV11.0.5.0.QECMIXMJul 5, 2020globalstable
Xiaomi Redmi 7 (onclite)Download SoftwareV11.0.6.0.PFLMIXMJul 5, 2020globalstable
LG X Power2 (LG-M320H)Download SoftwareM32010A_06Jul 5, 2020M32010A_06 TCL ATCLOPTCLATCLOPM320H10a_06_TCL_MX_OP_0129.kdz
LG X Power 2 (LG-M320)Download SoftwareM32010G_00Jul 5, 2020M32010G_00 GCC AGCCOPGCCAGCCOPM32010g_00_OPEN_AME_DS_OP_0205.kdz
LG K10 (LG-M250I)Download SoftwareM25020B_00Jul 5, 2020M25020B_00 IND AINDOPINDAINDOPM250I20b_00_OPEN_ESA_DS_OP_0307.kdz
LG G3 Cat.6 (LG-F460L)Download SoftwareF460L30C_00Jul 5, 2020F460L30C_00 LGT ALGTOPLGTALGTOPF460L30c_00_1223.kdz
LG K10 (LG-M250Y)Download SoftwareM25010F_00Jul 5, 2020M25010F_00 ZAF AZAFOPZAFAZAFOPM250Y10f_00_OPEN_ZA_OP_0221.kdz
LG Optimus LTE II (LG-F160S)Download SoftwareV20F_00Jul 5, 2020V20F_00 SKT ASKTOPSKTASKTOPV20F_00.kdz
LG G5 (LG-H858)Download SoftwareH85830C_00Jul 5, 2020H85830C_00 TWN ATWNOPTWNATWNOPH85830c_00_OPEN_TW_OP_1122.kdz
LG X Screen (LG-F650L)Download SoftwareF650L20B_00Jul 5, 2020F650L20B_00 LGT ALGTOPLGTALGTOPF650L20B_00_0427.kdz
LG G3 (LG-F460S)Download SoftwareF460S30H_00Jul 5, 2020F460S30H_00 SKT ASKTOPSKTASKTOPF460S30h_00_0425.kdz
LG X Power (LG-K220DSF)Download SoftwareK22010F_00Jul 5, 2020K22010F_00 BRA ABRAOPBRAABRAOPK220dsF10F_00_OPEN_SCA_DS_OP_0213.kdz
LG Q60 (LM-X525HA)Download SoftwareX525HA10G_00Jul 5, 2020X525HA10G_00 CMC ACMCOPCMCACMCOPX525HA10g_00_CLR_COM_OP_0514.kdz
LG G2 LTE-A (LG-F320S)Download SoftwareF320S30E_00Jul 5, 2020F320S30E_00 SKT ASKTOPSKTASKTOPF320S30E_00.kdz
LG Optimus Vu 2 (LG-F200S)Download SoftwareF200S30I_00Jul 5, 2020F200S30I_00 SKT ASKTOPSKTASKTOPF200S30I_00.kdz
LG G Pro 2 LTE-A (LG-F350K)Download SoftwareF350K20B_00Jul 5, 2020F350K20B_00 KTF AKTFOPKTFAKTFOPF350K20b_00.kdz
LG G3 Beat LTE-A (LG-F470K)Download SoftwareF470K20L_00Jul 5, 2020F470K20L_00 KTF AKTFOPKTFAKTFOPF470K20L_00.kdz
LG G2 LTE-A (LG-F320L)Download SoftwareF320L30D_00Jul 5, 2020F320L30D_00 LGT ALGTOPLGTALGTOPF320L30D_00.kdz
LG Optimus Vu 2 (LG-F200L)Download SoftwareF200L30J_00Jul 5, 2020F200L30J_00 LGT ALGTOPLGTALGTOPF200L30J_00.kdz
LG G3 Beat LTE-A (LG-F470L)Download SoftwareF470L20L_00Jul 5, 2020F470L20L_00 LGT ALGTOPLGTALGTOPF470L20L_00.kdz
LG Optimus Vu 2 (LG-F200K)Download SoftwareF200K30G_00Jul 5, 2020F200K30G_00 KTF AKTFOPKTFAKTFOPF200K30G_00.kdz
LG Optimus LTE II (LG-F160K)Download SoftwareV20J_00Jul 5, 2020V20J_00 KTF AKTFOPKTFAKTFOPF160K20J_00.kdz
LG K10 Dual (LG-M250DS)Download SoftwareM25010K_00Jul 5, 2020M25010K_00 BRA ABRAOPBRAABRAOPM250ds10j_00_OPEN_SCA_DS_OP_0919.kdz
LG K10 Power (LG-M320TV)Download SoftwareM32010I_00Jul 5, 2020M32010I_00 BRA ABRAOPBRAABRAOPM320TV10i_00_OPEN_SCA_DS_OP_0930.kdz
LG G3 Beat LTE-A (LG-F470S)Download SoftwareF470S20M_00Jul 5, 2020F470S20M_00 SKT ASKTOPSKTASKTOPF470S20M_00.kdz
LG X Power 2 (LG-M320F)Download SoftwareM32010A_02Jul 5, 2020M32010A_02 CMC ACMCOPCMCACMCOPM320F10a_02_CLR_COM_OP_0225.kdz
LG G Pro 2 LTE-A (LG-F350S)Download SoftwareF350S20F_00Jul 5, 2020F350S20F_00 SKT ASKTOPSKTASKTOPF350S20f_00.kdz
LG G2 LTE-A (LG-F320K)Download SoftwareF320K30D_00Jul 5, 2020F320K30D_00 KTF AKTFOPKTFAKTFOPF320K30D_00.kdz
LG V30 (LG-H932)Download SoftwareH93230D_00Jul 5, 2020H93230D_00 1TM A1TMOP1TMA1TMOPH93230d_00_0902.kdz
LG Q7 (LM-Q610EM)Download SoftwareQ610EM20F_00Jul 5, 2020Q610EM20F_00 ORY AORYOPORYAORYOPQ610EM20f_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0430.kdz
LG F60 (LG-D390NS)Download SoftwareD390N20E_00Jul 5, 2020D390N20E_00 FRA AFRAOPFRAAFRAOPD390ns20e_00_0118.kdz
LG K10 (LG-M250AR)Download SoftwareM25010A_03Jul 5, 2020M25010A_03 PRN APRNOPPRNAPRNOPM250AR10a_03_0215.kdz
LG Q7 (LM-Q610EA)Download SoftwareQ610EA20F_00Jul 5, 2020Q610EA20F_00 DEC ADECOPDECADECOPQ610EA20f_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0430.kdz
LG Optimus LTE II (LG-F160LV)Download SoftwareV20F_00Jul 5, 2020V20F_00 LGT ALGTOPLGTALGTOPV20f_00.kdz
LG K10 (LG-K430)Download SoftwareK43010B_03Jul 5, 2020K43010B_03 PRN APRNOPPRNAPRNOPK430AR10b_03_0207.kdz
LG K50 (LM-X520HM)Download SoftwareX520HM10G_00Jul 5, 2020X520HM10G_00 NTP ANTPOPNTPANTPOPX520HM10g_00_OPEN_SCA_OP_0512.kdz

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