ChimeraTool supported firmwares Xiaomi

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Available Firmware Files

Xiaomi firmwares
4,716 supported firmware files found.

All listed firmware can be installed using ChimeraTool!
The firmware list is constantly expanding with the current versions.

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DeviceDownload (using Chimera)VersionDateTypeRegion
Xiaomi Redmi 8A (olivelite)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.QCPMIXMOct 16, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi 8 (olive)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.QCNRUXMOct 16, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi 8 (olive)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.QCNMIXMOct 16, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite (toco)Download SoftwareV12.5.2.0.RFNRUXMOct 16, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet)Download SoftwareV12.5.8.0.RKFMIXMOct 16, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi 8A (olivelite)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.QCPMIXMOct 12, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (lavender)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.QFGRUXMOct 11, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)Download SoftwareV12.0.4.0.QFDEUOROct 10, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (lavender)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.QFGEUXMOct 8, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (lavender)Download SoftwareV12.0.2.0.QFGMXTCOct 4, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet)Download SoftwareV12.0.6.0.RKFEUOROct 4, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi 9 (cepheus)Download SoftwareV12.5.4.0.RFACNXMOct 2, 2021stablecn
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (equuleus)Download SoftwareV12.0.1.0.QECRUXMOct 2, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 (mojito)Download SoftwareV12.5.3.0.RKGMIXMOct 1, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 (sunny)Download SoftwareV12.5.3.0.RKGMIXMSep 30, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)Download SoftwareV12.0.2.0.QCOMXTCSep 29, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition (ursa)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.QEHCNXMSep 29, 2021stablecn
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)Download SoftwareV12.5.4.0.RFDMIXMSep 28, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi K20 (davinci)Download SoftwareV12.1.2.0.RFJRUXMSep 23, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 (sunny)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.RKGINXMSep 22, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)Download SoftwareV12.5.4.0.RFDMIXMSep 18, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi 8A (olivelite)Download SoftwareV11.0.2.0.QCPMXTCSep 17, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)Download SoftwareV12.5.2.0.RFDEUVFSep 16, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)Download SoftwareV12.5.3.0.RFDEUXMSep 16, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)Download SoftwareV12.0.4.0.QFDMIXMSep 12, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi K20 (davinci)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.RFJCNXMSep 10, 2021stablecn
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (willow)Download SoftwareV12.0.2.0.RCXEUXMSep 8, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi K20 (davinci)Download SoftwareV11.0.5.0.QFJEUXMSep 7, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 (mojito)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.RKGEUXMSep 4, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi 8A (olivelite)Download SoftwareV10.3.9.0.PCPMXTCSep 2, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi K20 (davinci)Download SoftwareV12.1.4.0.RFJMIXMSep 2, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (willow)Download SoftwareV12.0.5.0.QCXRUXMAug 31, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.RCOCNXMAug 31, 2021stablecn
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet)Download SoftwareV12.5.2.0.RKFIDXMAug 31, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet)Download SoftwareV12.5.4.0.RKFEUXMAug 31, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi K20 (davinci)Download SoftwareV12.1.4.0.RFJMIXMAug 31, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.RCOCNXMAug 30, 2021stablecn
Xiaomi Redmi K20 (davinci)Download SoftwareV12.0.5.0.QFJRUXMAug 30, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.RKFTRXMAug 30, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)Download SoftwareV12.5.3.0.RFDMIXMAug 29, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Motorola Merlin (merlin)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.RJORUXMAug 28, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi 7A (pine)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.QCMCNXMAug 28, 2021stablecn
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 (mojito)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.RKGRUXMAug 28, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)Download SoftwareV12.0.3.0.QFDEUXMAug 28, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G (andromeda)Download SoftwareV12.0.7.0.PEMEUXMAug 27, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet)Download SoftwareV12.0.4.0.RKFLMCRAug 27, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite (pyxis)Download SoftwareV12.5.2.0.RFCMIXMAug 27, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana)Download SoftwareV12.5.4.0.RFDCNXMAug 27, 2021stablecn
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)Download SoftwareV12.0.2.0.RCOEUXMAug 24, 2021stableglobal
Xiaomi Redmi 8 (olive)Download SoftwareV12.5.1.0.QCNCNXMAug 21, 2021stablecn