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Fascinate 4GGalaxy 3Galaxy 5Galaxy 551Galaxy 551 (Callisto)Galaxy A01Galaxy A02Galaxy A02sGalaxy A10Galaxy A10eGalaxy A10sGalaxy A11 2020Galaxy A12Galaxy A1 CoreGalaxy A20Galaxy A20eGalaxy A20s 2019Galaxy A21Galaxy A21 2020Galaxy A21sGalaxy A2 CoreGalaxy A3Galaxy A30Galaxy A30sGalaxy A31Galaxy A3 2016Galaxy A3 2017Galaxy A3 DuosGalaxy A40Galaxy A41Galaxy A42 5GGalaxy A5Galaxy A50Galaxy A50sGalaxy A51 2019Galaxy A51 5GGalaxy A5 2016Galaxy A5 2016 DuosGalaxy A5 2017Galaxy A5 DuosGalaxy A60 2019Galaxy A6 2018Galaxy A6+ 2018Galaxy A7Galaxy A70Galaxy A70sGalaxy A71Galaxy A71 5GGalaxy A7 2016Galaxy A7 2016 DuosGalaxy A7 2017Galaxy A7 2018Galaxy A7 DuosGalaxy A8Galaxy A80 2019Galaxy A8 2016Galaxy A8 2018Galaxy A8+ 2018Galaxy A8 DuosGalaxy A8 StarGalaxy A90 5GGalaxy A9 2016 DuosGalaxy A9 2018Galaxy A9 ProGalaxy A9 Pro 2018Galaxy A9 StarGalaxy AceGalaxy Ace 2Galaxy Ace 3Galaxy Ace 3 DuosGalaxy Ace 3 Duos TDGalaxy Ace 3 TDGalaxy Ace 4Galaxy Ace 4 DuosGalaxy Ace 4 LiteGalaxy Ace 4 NeoGalaxy Ace 4 Neo DuosGalaxy Ace AdvanceGalaxy Ace DuosGalaxy Ace Duos NXTGalaxy Ace NXTGalaxy Ace PlusGalaxy Ace StyleGalaxy Active NeoGalaxy AlphaGalaxy AmpGalaxy ApolloGalaxy AppealGalaxy AvantGalaxy BeamGalaxy Beam 2Galaxy C5 DuosGalaxy C5 Pro DuosGalaxy C7 DuosGalaxy C7 Pro DuosGalaxy C8 DuosGalaxy C9 ProGalaxy C9 Pro DuosGalaxy CameraGalaxy Camera 2 Wi-FiGalaxy Camera Wi-FiGalaxy CaptivateGalaxy ChatGalaxy CoreGalaxy Core 2Galaxy Core 2 DuosGalaxy Core AdvanceGalaxy Core DuosGalaxy Core LiteGalaxy Core Max DuosGalaxy Core PlusGalaxy Core PrimeGalaxy Core Prime DuosGalaxy Core Prime VEGalaxy Core Prime VE DuosGalaxy E5Galaxy E5 DuosGalaxy E7Galaxy E7 DuosGalaxy ExhibitGalaxy Exhibit 2Galaxy ExhilarateGalaxy ExpressGalaxy Express 2Galaxy F02sGalaxy F41Galaxy FameGalaxy Fame DuosGalaxy Fame LiteGalaxy Fame Lite DuosGalaxy Fame with NFCGalaxy FeelGalaxy Feel 2Galaxy FitGalaxy FoldGalaxy Fold 5GGalaxy FolderGalaxy Folder 2Galaxy Folder 2 DuosGalaxy FreshGalaxy Fresh DuosGalaxy Galaxy J7+Galaxy Galaxy Tab 10.1N WiFiGalaxy Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFiGalaxy GearGalaxy GioGalaxy GoldenGalaxy Golden 3Galaxy Golden 4Galaxy GrandGalaxy Grand 2Galaxy Grand 2 DuosGalaxy Grand 3Galaxy Grand 3 DuosGalaxy Grand DuosGalaxy Grand MaxGalaxy Grand NeoGalaxy Grand Neo DuosGalaxy Grand Neo PlusGalaxy Grand Neo Plus DuosGalaxy Grand PrimeGalaxy Grand Prime+Galaxy Grand Prime DuosGalaxy Grand Prime Duos TVGalaxy Grand Prime+ TVGalaxy Grand Prime VEGalaxy Grand Prime VE DuosGalaxy GT-I8258Galaxy GT-I8268Galaxy JGalaxy J1Galaxy J1 2016Galaxy J1 AceGalaxy J1 Ace DuosGalaxy J1 DuosGalaxy J1 MiniGalaxy J1 NxtGalaxy J1 Nxt DuosGalaxy J2Galaxy J2 2018Galaxy J2 Core 2018Galaxy J2 Core 2020Galaxy J2 DuosGalaxy J2 Pro Duos 2016Galaxy J3 2016Galaxy J3 2016 DuosGalaxy J3 2017Galaxy J3 2018Galaxy J3 Duos 2016Galaxy J3 EmergeGalaxy J3 Luna ProGalaxy J3 Pro Duos 2016Galaxy J3 TopGalaxy J4Galaxy J4+ 2018Galaxy J4 CoreGalaxy J5Galaxy J5 2016Galaxy J5 2016 DuosGalaxy J5 2017Galaxy J5 DuosGalaxy J5 PrimeGalaxy J6Galaxy J6+ 2018Galaxy J7Galaxy J7 2016Galaxy J7 2016 DuosGalaxy J7 2017Galaxy J7 2018Galaxy J7 DuoGalaxy J7 DuosGalaxy J7 Max 2017Galaxy J7 Nxt 2017Galaxy J7 PerxGalaxy J7 PrimeGalaxy J7 Prime 2Galaxy J7 SkyGalaxy J7 Sky ProGalaxy J7 TopGalaxy J8 2018Galaxy K ZoomGalaxy LightGalaxy M01Galaxy M02Galaxy M02sGalaxy M10Galaxy M10sGalaxy M11Galaxy M1 CoreGalaxy M20Galaxy M21Galaxy M30Galaxy M30sGalaxy M31Galaxy M31sGalaxy M40Galaxy M51Galaxy MegaGalaxy Mega 2Galaxy Mega 2 DuosGalaxy Mega 5.8Galaxy Mega 5.8 DuosGalaxy Mega 5.8 Plus DuosGalaxy Mega 6.3Galaxy Mega 7.0Galaxy Mega PlusGalaxy MiniGalaxy Mini 2Galaxy Mini/Pop PlusGalaxy M StyleGalaxy MusicGalaxy Music DuosGalaxy NoteGalaxy Note10Galaxy Note 10Galaxy Note 10+Galaxy Note 10.1Galaxy Note 10.1 2014Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Wi-FiGalaxy Note 10.1 2104Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFiGalaxy Note 10 5GGalaxy Note 10+ 5GGalaxy Note 10 LiteGalaxy Note 2Galaxy Note 20Galaxy Note 20 5GGalaxy Note 20 UltraGalaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GGalaxy Note 2 DuosGalaxy Note 3Galaxy Note 3 DuosGalaxy Note 3 NeoGalaxy Note 3 Neo DuosGalaxy Note 4Galaxy Note 4 DuosGalaxy Note 5Galaxy Note 7Galaxy Note 7 FEGalaxy Note 8Galaxy Note 8.0Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-FiGalaxy Note 8 WiMAX 2+Galaxy Note 9Galaxy Note EdgeGalaxy Note Pro 12.2Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Wi-FiGalaxy On5Galaxy On5 2016 DuosGalaxy On5 DuosGalaxy On5 Neo 2016Galaxy On7Galaxy On7 2016 DuosGalaxy On7 DuosGalaxy On7 PrimeGalaxy On7 Prime 2018Galaxy Player 5.0 Wi-FiGalaxy PocketGalaxy Pocket 2Galaxy Pocket 2 DuosGalaxy Pocket DuosGalaxy Pocket NeoGalaxy Pocket Neo DuosGalaxy Pocket PlusGalaxy PopGalaxy PremierGalaxy ProGalaxy QGalaxy RGalaxy RoundGalaxy R StyleGalaxy RugbyGalaxy Rugby ProGalaxy SGalaxy S10Galaxy S10+Galaxy S10 5GGalaxy S10eGalaxy S10 LiteGalaxy S2Galaxy S 2Galaxy S20Galaxy S20+Galaxy S20 5GGalaxy S20+ 5GGalaxy S20 FEGalaxy S20 Lite 5GGalaxy S20 Ultra 5GGalaxy S2 PlusGalaxy S2 XGalaxy S3Galaxy S3 AlphaGalaxy S 3 DuosGalaxy S3 MiniGalaxy S3 Mini VEGalaxy S3 Mini VE NFCGalaxy S3 NeoGalaxy S3 Neo PlusGalaxy S3 R530Galaxy S4Galaxy S4 ActiveGalaxy S4 DuosGalaxy S 4GGalaxy S4 MiniGalaxy S4 Mini DuosGalaxy S4 Mini PlusGalaxy S4 Mini (US Cellular)Galaxy S4 Value EditionGalaxy S4 ZoomGalaxy S5Galaxy S5 ActiveGalaxy S5 DuosGalaxy S5 MiniGalaxy S5 NeoGalaxy S6Galaxy S6 DuosGalaxy S6 EdgeGalaxy S6 Edge+Galaxy S6 Edge+ DuosGalaxy S7Galaxy S7 DuosGalaxy S7 EdgeGalaxy S7 Edge DuosGalaxy S8Galaxy S8+Galaxy S8 ActiveGalaxy S9Galaxy S9+Galaxy S AdvanceGalaxy S BlazeGalaxy S DuosGalaxy S Duos 3 VEGalaxy S Giorgio ArmaniGalaxy S GlideGalaxy SLGalaxy Sol 3 (2018)Galaxy S PlusGalaxy S RelayGalaxy StarGalaxy Star 2 Plus DuosGalaxy Star DuosGalaxy Star Duos PlusGalaxy Star TriosGalaxy Sytel DuosGalaxy TabGalaxy Tab 10.1Galaxy Tab 10.1NGalaxy Tab 2 10.1Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab 2 7.0Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 WiFi 16GBGalaxy Tab 2 7.0 WiFi 8GBGalaxy Tab 3 10.1Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab 3 7.0Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 WiFiGalaxy Tab 3 8.0Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 WiFiGalaxy Tab 3 KidsGalaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 3GGalaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0 VE Wi-FiGalaxy Tab 3 VGalaxy Tab 3 V 7.0 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab 4Galaxy Tab 4 10.1Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 2015 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab 4 10.1 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab 4 7.0Galaxy Tab4 7.0Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 3GGalaxy Tab 4 7.0 3G + WiFiGalaxy Tab 4 7.0 WiFiGalaxy Tab 4 7.0 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab 4 8.0Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab 4 Advanced 7.0 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab4 Lite 7.0Galaxy Tab 7.0Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusGalaxy Tab 7.0 Plus WiFiGalaxy Tab 7.7Galaxy Tab 7.7 PlusGalaxy Tab 8.9Galaxy Tab 8.9 4GGalaxy Tab 8.9 WiFiGalaxy Tab A 10.1 2016Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 WiFiGalaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab A 10.1 2019Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 LTEGalaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 WiFiGalaxy Tab A 10.5 2018Galaxy Tab A 10.5 2018 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab A 7.0Galaxy Tab A 7.0 2016 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab A7 10.4Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 WiFiGalaxy Tab A 8.0Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2017Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2017 WiFiGalaxy Tab A 8.0 2018Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 WiFiGalaxy Tab A 8.0 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab A 8.4 2020Galaxy Tab A 9.7Galaxy Tab A 9.7 WiFiGalaxy Tab A 9.7 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab ActiveGalaxy Tab Active 2Galaxy Tab Active 2 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab Active Pro 10.1 2019Galaxy Tab Active WiFiGalaxy Tab Advanced 2 10.1 WiFiGalaxy Tab E 7.0 2016Galaxy Tab E 7.0 2016 DuosGalaxy Tab E 8.0Galaxy Tab E 9.6Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab IrisGalaxy Tab Pro 10.1Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab Pro 12.2Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab Pro 8.4Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab S 10.5Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab S2 8.0Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 WiFiGalaxy Tab S2 9.7Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab S2 Plus 9.7Galaxy Tab S2 Plus 9.7 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab S3 9.7Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 WiFiGalaxy Tab S4 10.5 2018Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 2018 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab S5e 10.5 2019Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 2019 WiFiGalaxy Tab S6 10.5 2019Galaxy Tab S6 10.5 2019 WiFiGalaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 WiFiGalaxy Tab S7Galaxy Tab S7+ 5GGalaxy Tab S7 WiFiGalaxy Tab S 8.4Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Wi-FiGalaxy Tab Wi-FiGalaxy TrendGalaxy Trend 2Galaxy Trend 2 DuosGalaxy Trend 3Galaxy Trend Lite 2Galaxy Trend PlusGalaxy Trend Plus DousGalaxy Trend Plus DuosGalaxy ViewGalaxy View Wi-FiGalaxy V Plus DuosGalaxy WGalaxy W19Galaxy WinGalaxy Win 2 Duos TVGalaxy Win DuosGalaxy Win ProGalaxy Win Pro DuosGalaxy XcoverGalaxy Xcover 2Galaxy Xcover 3Galaxy Xcover 4Galaxy Xcover 4 2017Galaxy XCover ProGalaxy YGalaxy Y DuosGalaxy YoungGalaxy Young 2Galaxy Young 2 DuosGalaxy Young 2 Duos TVGalaxy Young DuosGalaxy Young Plus DuosGalaxy Y PlusGalaxy Y ProGalaxy Y Pro DuosGalaxy Y TVGalaxy Z FlipGalaxy Z Flip 5GGalaxy Z Fold 2 5GGear SGravity Smart
DeviceDownload (using Chimera)Version nameDateCSCPDA
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)Download SoftwarePie (Android 9)Aug 5, 2021N950FOTFGDUG6N950FXXSGDUG6
Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505U)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 5, 2021A505UOYNEDUG3A505USQSEDUG3
Samsung Galaxy A12 (SM-A125M)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 5, 2021A125MOWA1BUFAA125MUBU1BUF9
Samsung Galaxy A1 Core (SM-A013G)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 5, 2021A013GOJM4AUG4A013GXXU4AUG4
Samsung Galaxy A30s (SM-A307G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 4, 2021A307GOWA4CUF2A307GUBS4CUG2
Samsung Galaxy A21s (SM-A217F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 4, 2021A217FOJM6CUF5A217FXXU6CUF5
Samsung Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 4, 2021A125FOJM1BUG6A125FXXU1BUG6
Samsung Galaxy A10s (SM-A107M)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 4, 2021A107MOWT5BUF1A107MUBU5BUF1
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 4, 2021G965FOXMGFUG4G965FXXUGFUG4
Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 4, 2021G960FOXMGFUG4G960FXXUGFUG4
Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F)Download SoftwarePie (Android 9)Aug 4, 2021G950FOWACDUD4G950FXXUCDUD3
Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F)Download SoftwarePie (Android 9)Aug 4, 2021G950FOPSCDUG1G950FXXUCDUD1
Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505GT)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 4, 2021A505GTOWO9CUG4A505GTUBS9CUG4
Samsung Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 4, 2021A125FOJM1BUG6A125FXXU1BUG6
Samsung Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 4, 2021A125FOJM1BUG6A125FXXU1BUG6
Samsung Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 4, 2021A125FOJM1BUG6A125FXXU1BUG6
Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt 2017 (SM-J701F)Download SoftwarePie (Android 9)Aug 3, 2021J701FODDACUG2J701FDDUACUG2
Samsung Galaxy A30s (SM-A307G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A307GOWE4CUF2A307GUBU4CUF2
Samsung Galaxy A30s (SM-A307G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A307GOWB4CUF2A307GUBU4CUF2
Samsung Galaxy A20 (SM-A205G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A205GOWA9CUF3A205GUBU9CUG1
Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A015FOXM4BUG3A015FXXU4BUG4
Samsung Galaxy A1 Core (SM-A013G)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 3, 2021A013GOJV4AUG4A013GJXU4AUG4
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 WiFi (SM-T290)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021T290OJM3CUF8T290XXU3CUF8
Samsung Galaxy M31 (SM-M315F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021M315FODM2BUE1M315FXXU2BUG2
Samsung Galaxy J4 (SM-J400M)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 3, 2021J400MOWOCCUG1J400MUBUCCUG1
Samsung Galaxy A51 2019 (SM-A515F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A515FOLM5EUG2A515FXXU5EUG5
Samsung Galaxy A51 2019 (SM-A515F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A515FOLM5EUG2A515FXXU5EUG5
Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A505GOWO9CUG4A505GUBS9CUG4
Samsung Galaxy A20e (SM-A202F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A202FOXM3CUG1A202FXXU3CUG2
Samsung Galaxy A11 2020 (SM-A115M)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A115MOWA2BUG1A115MUBU2BUG1
Samsung Galaxy A02s (SM-A025M)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A025MOWE2BUF5A025MUBU2BUF5
Samsung Galaxy A51 2019 (SM-A515F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A515FOLM5EUG2A515FXXU5EUG5
Samsung Galaxy A51 2019 (SM-A515F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A515FOWA5EUG1A515FXXS5EUG3
Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A505GOWO9CUG4A505GUBS9CUG4
Samsung Galaxy A31 (SM-A315G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A315GOWA1CUG1A315GDXU1CUG1
Samsung Galaxy A21s (SM-A217F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A217FOJM6CUF5A217FXXU6CUF5
Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A505GOWO9CUG4A505GUBS9CUG4
Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A505GOWO9CUG4A505GUBS9CUG4
Samsung Galaxy A50 (SM-A505G)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 3, 2021A505GOWO9CUG4A505GUBS9CUG4
Samsung Galaxy A20 (SM-A205U)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 2, 2021A205UOYN9CUG3A205USQU9CUG3
Samsung Galaxy J4 (SM-J400M)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 2, 2021J400MOWACCUG1J400MUBUCCUG1
Samsung Galaxy M21 (SM-M215F)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 2, 2021M215FOJM2BUF1M215FXXU2BUF1
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960U1)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 2, 2021N960U1OYM9FUG1N960U1UEU9FUG1
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988B)Download Software(Android 11)Aug 2, 2021G988BOXM8DUF9G988BXXU8DUF9
Samsung Galaxy A1 Core (SM-A013M)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 2, 2021A013MOWO2AUB2A013MUBU2AUG6
Samsung Galaxy A20s 2019 (SM-A207M)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Aug 1, 2021A207MOWA2BUF1A207MUBU2BUF1
Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (SM-A750G)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Jul 31, 2021A750GOWE6CUF1A750GUBU6CUF1
Samsung Galaxy A20 (SM-A205G)Download Software(Android 11)Jul 31, 2021A205GOWT9CUF2A205GUBU9CUF2
Samsung Galaxy A02 (SM-A022M)Download SoftwareQ (Android 10)Jul 31, 2021A022MOWA2AUF3A022MUBU2AUF2
Samsung Galaxy A30s (SM-A307G)Download Software(Android 11)Jul 31, 2021A307GOWA4CUF2A307GUBS4CUG2