ChimeraTool supported firmwares

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Available Firmware Files

All listed firmware can be installed using ChimeraTool!
The firmware list is constantly expanding with the current versions.

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DeviceDownload (using Chimera)VersionDateRegionTypeNameCUST codeCountryVendorBuild numberVersion numberProvider
Xiaomi Redmi 2 (China) (wt88047)Download SoftwareV9.2.3.0.KHJCNEKNov 24, 2018cnstable
Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8 (CMR-AL09)Download Softwarev195753Nov 24, 2018EuropeCMR-AL09
Huawei Mate 10 Pro (BLA-L09)Download Softwarev197214Nov 24, 2018BLA-L09 9.0.0(C999)lahw9.0.0197214
Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro 10.8 (CMR-AL19)Download Softwarev195717Nov 24, 2018CMR-AL19
Huawei Mate 10 Pro (BLA-L29)Download Softwarev197214Nov 24, 2018BLA-L29 9.0.0(C999)lahw9.0.0197214
Huawei Honor View 10 Global Dual SIM (BKL-L09)Download Softwarev197205Nov 23, 2018IndiaBKL-L09
Huawei P10 Plus (VKY-L09)Download Softwarev195968Nov 23, 2018GeneralVKY-L09 (C900)900nz2dspvdf195968Free Internal Version
Huawei P20 Pro Global Dual SIM (CLT-L29)Download Softwarev205477Nov 22, 2018EuropeCLT-L29
Huawei P20 Global (EML-L09)Download Softwarev195855Nov 22, 2018EML-L09
Huawei Mate 9 (MHA-L09)Download Softwarev195777Nov 22, 2018MHA-L09zavodacom195777
Huawei P9 lite (VNS-L23)Download Softwarev196673Nov 22, 2018ChileVNS-L23C110B191110normalhwB191196673Entel
Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8 (CMR-AL09)Download Softwarev194979Nov 22, 2018EuropeCMR-AL09
Huawei P9 lite (VNS-L23)Download Softwarev196673Nov 22, 2018ChileVNS-L23C110B191110arpersonalB191196673Entel
Huawei P9 lite (VNS-L21)Download Softwarev196455Nov 22, 2018VNS-L21C647B162normalhwB162196455
Huawei P10 (VTR-L09)Download Softwarev193559Nov 21, 2018VTR-L09
Huawei P10 (VTR-AL00)Download Softwarev194133Nov 21, 2018VTR-AL00C007B462cnallB462194133
Huawei P10 (VTR-TL00)Download Softwarev194133Nov 21, 2018VTR-TL00C007B462cncmccB462194133
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (perseus)Download SoftwareV10.0.11.0.PEECNFHNov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Mi 4S (aqua)Download Software8.9.13Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (perseus)Download Software8.11.8Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (platina)Download SoftwareV9.6.5.0.ODTMIFDNov 20, 2018globalstable
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (equuleus)Download Software8.11.8Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (platina)Download SoftwareV9.6.6.0.ODTCNFDNov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (equuleus)Download SoftwareV10.0.2.0.OECCNFHNov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition (ursa)Download SoftwareV10.0.9.0.OEHCNFHNov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition (ursa)Download Software8.11.8Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Mi PAD 4 (clover)Download SoftwareV10.1.1.0.ODJCNFINov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Mi PAD 4 (clover)Download Software8.11.8Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Redmi 6 (cereus)Download SoftwareV9.6.11.0.OCGMIFDNov 20, 2018globalstable
Xiaomi Redmi 6 (cereus)Download Software8.11.8Nov 20, 2018globalbeta
Xiaomi Redmi 6 (cereus)Download Software8.11.8Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (sakura)Download SoftwareV10.0.5.0.ODICNFHNov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (sakura)Download Software8.11.1Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (sirius)Download SoftwareV10.0.1.0.OEBCNFHNov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (sirius)Download Software8.10.25Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Redmi S2 (ysl)Download SoftwareV9.5.10.0.OEFRUFANov 20, 2018globalstable
Xiaomi Redmi S2 (ysl)Download SoftwareV10.0.5.0.OEFMIFHNov 20, 2018globalstable
Xiaomi Redmi S2 (ysl)Download Software8.11.15Nov 20, 2018globalbeta
Xiaomi Redmi S2 (ysl)Download SoftwareV10.0.2.0.OEFCNFHNov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Redmi S2 (ysl)Download Software8.11.8Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 (nitrogen)Download SoftwareV10.0.2.0.OEDRUFHNov 20, 2018globalstable
Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 (nitrogen)Download SoftwareV10.0.1.0.OEDMIFHNov 20, 2018globalstable
Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 (nitrogen)Download Software8.11.15Nov 20, 2018globalbeta
Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 (nitrogen)Download SoftwareV10.0.6.0.OEDCNFHNov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 (nitrogen)Download Software8.11.8Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Mi 6X (wayne)Download SoftwareV10.0.2.0.ODCCNFHNov 20, 2018cnstable
Xiaomi Mi 6X (wayne)Download Software8.11.8Nov 20, 2018cnbeta
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S (polaris)Download SoftwareV9.5.16.0.ODGRUFANov 20, 2018globalstable
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S (polaris)Download SoftwareV10.0.2.0.ODGMIFHNov 20, 2018globalstable
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S (polaris)Download SoftwareV10.0.7.0.PDGCNFHNov 20, 2018cnstable