ChimeraTool supported firmwares LG

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Available Firmware Files

LG firmwares
266 supported firmware files found.

All listed firmware can be installed using ChimeraTool!
The firmware list is constantly expanding with the current versions.

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DeviceVersionDateSoftware versionSuffixCarrierName
LG L Fino (LG-D290AR)D290AR10A_01Jul 11, 2022D290AR10A_01.kdzACTIOPCTID290AR10A_01 CTI ACTIOP
LG L40 Dual (LG-D170)D17010C_00Jul 10, 2022D17010c_00_0722.kdzAUAEOPUAED17010C_00 UAE AUAEOP
LG G3 (LG-D855)D85530O_00Jul 10, 2022D85530o_00_0425.kdzA6GBOP6GBD85530O_00 6GB A6GBOP
LG L40 Dual (LG-D175F)D175F10E_00Jul 10, 2022D175f10e_00.kdzABRAOPBRAD175F10E_00 BRA ABRAOP
LG L40 (LG-D160G)D16010B_00Jul 10, 2022D160g10b_00.kdzACLPOPCLPD16010B_00 CLP ACLPOP
LG L40 (LG-D160F)D16010C_00Jul 10, 2022D160f10c_00.kdzABOOOPBOOD16010C_00 BOO ABOOOP
LG Optimus L65 Dual (LG-D285)D28510D_00Jul 10, 2022D28510d_00.kdzACISOPCISD28510D_00 CIS ACISOP
LG G4 (LG-H815)H81520I_00Jul 10, 2022H81520i_00_0518.kdzATMHOPTMHH81520I_00 TMH ATMHOP
LG Optimus L65 (LG-D280N)D28010D_00Jul 10, 2022D280n10d_00_1127.kdzAPNNOPPNND28010D_00 PNN APNNOP
LG L40 (LG-D165G)D16510A_04Jul 10, 2022D165g10a_04_0114.kdzACLPOPCLPD16510A_04 CLP ACLPOP
LG G3 S (LG-D722)D72220C_00Jul 10, 2022D72220c_00.kdzATLFOPTLFD72220C_00 TLF ATLFOP
LG G4c (LG-H525N)H525N20E_00Jul 10, 2022H525n20e_00_0505.kdzACZEOPCZEH525N20E_00 CZE ACZEOP
LG L40 Dual (LG-D157F)D157F10D_00Jul 10, 2022D157f10D_00.kdzABRAOPBRAD157F10D_00 BRA ABRAOP
LG L40 (LG-D160J)D16010B_00Jul 10, 2022D160j10b_00_0108.kdzAENTOPENTD16010B_00 ENT AENTOP
LG Optimus L65 (LG-D285F)D28510E_00Jul 10, 2022D285f10e_00.kdzABRAOPBRAD28510E_00 BRA ABRAOP
LG Joy (LG-H220)H22010G_00Jul 10, 2022H22010g_00_0531.kdzAHUXOPHUXH22010G_00 HUX AHUXOP
LG L40 (LG-D160)D16010F_00Jul 10, 2022D16010F_00.kdzAVDHOPVDHD16010F_00 VDH AVDHOP
LG Optimus L65 (LG-D280F)D28010A_03Jul 10, 2022D280f10a_03.kdzATCLOPTCLD28010A_03 TCL ATCLOP
LG L40 (LG-D165AR)D165AR10B_00Jul 10, 2022D165AR10b_00_0222.kdzAARGOPARGD165AR10B_00 ARG AARGOP
LG G2 Mini (LG-D620R)D62020G_00Jul 10, 2022D620r20g_00.kdzATMHOPTMHD62020G_00 TMH ATMHOP
LG G2 Mini LTE (LG-D620)D62020E_00Jul 8, 2022D62020e_00.kdzAVDIOPVDID62020E_00 VDI AVDIOP
LG AKA 4G LTE (LG-F520S)F520S20G_00Jul 8, 2022F520S20G_00.kdzASKTOPSKTF520S20G_00 SKT ASKTOP
LG G2 Mini 3G (LG-D610AR)D610AR20A_00Jul 8, 2022D610AR20a_00.kdzATFSOPTFSD610AR20A_00 TFS ATFSOP
LG Joy (LG-H222F)H22210F_00Jul 8, 2022H222f10f_00_0212.kdzABRAOPBRAH22210F_00 BRA ABRAOP
LG F60 (LG-D390N)D390N20E_00Jul 8, 2022D390n20e_00_0118.kdzAESPOPESPD390N20E_00 ESP AESPOP
LG L90 (LG-D405TR)D40520B_00Jul 8, 2022D405TR20b_00_0212.kdzATUROPTURD40520B_00 TUR ATUROP
LG G2 Mini Dual (LG-D618)D61820D_00Jul 8, 2022D61820d_00.kdzAUAEOPUAED61820D_00 UAE AUAEOP
LG AKA 4G LTE (LG-F520L)F520L20P_00Jul 8, 2022F520L20P_00.kdzALGTOPLGTF520L20P_00 LGT ALGTOP
LG L90 (LG-D405N)D40520C_00Jul 8, 2022D405n20c_00_0207.kdzATM3OPTM3D40520C_00 TM3 ATM3OP
LG G2 Mini 3G (LG-D610)D61010A_00Jul 8, 2022D61010a_00.kdzAMIAOPMIAD61010A_00 MIA AMIAOP
LG AKA 4G LTE (LG-F520K)F520K20G_00Jul 8, 2022F520K20G_00.kdzAKTFOPKTFF520K20G_00 KTF AKTFOP
LG L90 (LG-D405)D40520B_00Jul 8, 2022D40520b_00_0212.kdzADEUOPDEUD40520B_00 DEU ADEUOP
LG Kite (LG-H221AR)H221AR10A_03Jul 8, 2022H221AR10a_03_0222.kdzACTIOPCTIH221AR10A_03 CTI ACTIOP
LG Joy (LG-H221G)H22110B_00Jul 8, 2022H221g10b_00_0215.kdzACLPOPCLPH22110B_00 CLP ACLPOP
LG L90 (LG-D410H)D41010B_00Jul 8, 2022D410h10b_00.kdzAPANOPPAND41010B_00 PAN APANOP
LG G2 Mini (LG-D620K)D62020B_00Jul 8, 2022D620k20b_00.kdzAENZOPENZD62020B_00 ENZ AENZOP
LG G2 Mini (LG-D620FR)D62020E_00Jul 8, 2022D620fr20e_00.kdzAFRAOPFRAD62020E_00 FRA AFRAOP
LG Joy (LG-H221F)H22110A_02Jul 8, 2022H221f10a_02_0314.kdzACLROPCLRH22110A_02 CLR ACLROP
LG Optimus F6 (LG-D505)D50520C_03Jul 8, 2022D50520c_03.kdzAORROPORRD50520C_03 ORR AORROP
LG L90 (LG-D400HN)D400HN10A_00Jul 8, 2022D400hn10a_00.kdzATCLOPTCLD400HN10A_00 TCL ATCLOP
LG L90 (LG-D400H)D40010B_00Jul 8, 2022D400h10b_00.kdzAEPTOPEPTD40010B_00 EPT AEPTOP
LG L90 (LG-D410HN)D41020C_00Jul 8, 2022D410hn20c_00.kdzABRAOPBRAD41020C_00 BRA ABRAOP
LG L90 DUAL (LG-D410)D41020C_00Jul 8, 2022D41020c_00_0210.kdzAHUNOPHUND41020C_00 HUN AHUNOP
LG L80 Dual (LG-D385)D38510C_00Jul 7, 2022D38510c_00.kdzABTMOPBTMD38510C_00 BTM ABTMOP
LG F60 (LG-D390)D39020A_01Jul 7, 2022D39020a_01.kdzACLPOPCLPD39020A_01 CLP ACLPOP
LG L80 Dual (LG-D380)D38010E_00Jul 7, 2022D38010e_00_0418.kdzAUAEOPUAED38010E_00 UAE AUAEOP
LG F60 (LG-D390AR)D390AR20A_00Jul 7, 2022D390AR20a_00.kdzACTIOPCTID390AR20A_00 CTI ACTIOP
LG L80 (LG-D373)D37310A_08Jul 6, 2022D37310A_08.kdzATCLOPTCLD37310A_08 TCL ATCLOP
LG L80 (LG-D373EU)D37310D_00Jul 6, 2022D373EU10D_00.kdzAPRTOPPRTD37310D_00 PRT APRTOP
LG L80 (LG-D370)D37010C_00Jul 6, 2022D37010c_00_0422.kdzAZAFOPZAFD37010C_00 ZAF AZAFOP

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