ChimeraTool supported firmwares LG X screen X Screen

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Available Firmware Files

LG X screen X Screen firmwares
7 supported firmware files found.

All listed firmware can be installed using ChimeraTool!
The firmware list is constantly expanding with the current versions.

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DeviceVersionDateSoftware versionSuffixCarrierName
LG X Screen (LG-F650L)F650L20B_00Jul 5, 2022F650L20B_00_0427.kdzALGTOPLGTF650L20B_00 LGT ALGTOP
LG X Screen (LG-K500DSF)K50010J_00Jul 5, 2022K500dsF10j_00_0403.kdzABRAOPBRAK50010J_00 BRA ABRAOP
LG X screen (LG-K500DSZ)K50010G_00Jul 5, 2022K500dsZ10g_00_1122.kdzAAREOPAREK50010G_00 ARE AAREOP
LG X Screen (LG-F650K)F650K20B_00Jul 5, 2022F650K20B_00_0427.kdzAKTFOPKTFF650K20B_00 KTF AKTFOP
LG X Screen (LG-K500F)K50010C_00Jul 5, 2022K500F10c_00_0331.kdzACHLOPCHLK50010C_00 CHL ACHLOP
LG X Screen (LG-K500Z)K50010C_00Jul 5, 2022K500Z10c_00_1118.kdzAZAFOPZAFK50010C_00 ZAF AZAFOP
LG X Screen (LG-K500I)K50010C_00Jul 5, 2022K500I10c_00_0707.kdzAINDOPINDK50010C_00 IND AINDOP