ChimeraTool supported firmwares LG L70

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Available Firmware Files

LG L70 firmwares
10 supported firmware files found.

All listed firmware can be installed using ChimeraTool!
The firmware list is constantly expanding with the current versions.

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DeviceVersionDateSoftware versionSuffixCarrierName
LG L70 (LG-D325G8)D32510E_00Jul 6, 2022D325g810e_00_0302.kdzAPANOPPAND32510E_00 PAN APANOP
LG L70 (LG-D325F8)D32510E_00Jul 6, 2022D325f810e_00_0205.kdzABRAOPBRAD32510E_00 BRA ABRAOP
LG L70 (LG-D340F8)D340F810B_00Jul 5, 2022D340f810b_00.kdzABRAOPBRAD340F810B_00 BRA ABRAOP
LG L70 (LG-D320G8)D32010A_02Jul 5, 2022D320g810a_02.kdzAEPTOPEPTD32010A_02 EPT AEPTOP
LG L70 (LG-D320TR)D32010C_00Jul 5, 2022D320tr10c_00.kdzATRCOPTRCD32010C_00 TRC ATRCOP
LG L70 (LG-D320)D32010D_00Jul 5, 2022D32010d_00.kdzAZAFOPZAFD32010D_00 ZAF AZAFOP
LG L70 (LG-D320N)D32010G_00Jul 5, 2022D320n10g_00.kdzAVDHOPVDHD32010G_00 VDH AVDHOP
LG L70 (LG-D320F8)D32010A_05Jul 5, 2022D320f810a_05.kdzATCLOPTCLD32010A_05 TCL ATCLOP
LG L70 (LG-D320AR)D320AR10D_00Jul 5, 2022D320AR10d_00.kdzAARGOPARGD320AR10D_00 ARG AARGOP
LG L70 (LG-D320J8)D32010A_01Jul 5, 2022D320j810a_01.kdzAENTOPENTD32010A_01 ENT AENTOP