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What is the use of the MediaTek (MTK) module?

This document created at Feb 19, 2020, 2:13:50 PM and modified at Jan 29, 2021, 2:55:55 PM.

As an introduction, let me give you some thoughts on what the MTK Processor is, why it appears as a separate module in the application, and why we need to know about it at all.

One of the basic operational concepts of the application is that there is no need for users to know any technical details about the device they wish to have repaired; consequently, they will not need to have any information about what sort of processor the phone has either. To this end, we were aiming at offering a unified but simple solution to our users so that once the phone has been detected and the data obtained have been processed, we can guarantee the successful running of the processes available on the device.

Recently, more and more manufacturing companies have appeared on the market who only feature a small number of device types in their offer compared to major manufacturing companies (Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc.), who might even place hundreds of new phone types on the market every year. These manufacturers often have no official technical support, no possibilities for software updates, and no unified communication protocol either.

Dominant on this market are two processor manufacturing companies, Qualcomm and MediaTek (MTK).

We are unable to provide support for all—mostly Chinese—“manufacturers”; however, recognising the increased demand for the service of these devices, we have created our generic MTK module, the task of which is to bring devices with such processors into one unit and offer repair services for them.

This way, software updates, the repair of bricked phones, the support of SIM lock-related operations, etc. become possible independently of any specific manufacturer.

Consequently, we have designed the operation of the MTK module in a way which enables us to categorise a phone on the basis of its processor type and to communicate with the device by means of the most suitable protocol in case we cannot categorise a connected phone into any of our major supported modules. Once we are able to achieve that, we will offer the corresponding supported functions to the processor. Of course, being an actively developed segment of the application, the list of available functions is constantly extending.


The typical software—which is also available on the Internet for free—is the “MTK flash tool”. Unfortunately, its use requires a detailed technical knowledge on the user’s part, as different input files (Download Agent, scatter file, Authentication file) and parameters need to be configured during the operation of the programme so that the function to be run (firmware update) can be successful. These files are often only found in hidden forums and in dubious sources; thus, their safety can be called into question. Ill-chosen files may even cause otherwise functioning phones to be unable to turn on.

Within the MTK module, we were seeking to achieve this as simple as possible, without users having to

worry about the technical details of the process:

  • software update packages are available through the application
  • in most cases, there is no need for the process’s parameterisation (no need for a DA, scatter, etc. file)

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