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What are Function Packages?

This document created at Apr 20, 2020, 11:04:48 AM and modified at Jul 31, 2020, 1:22:43 AM.

This description serves to inform you on Function Packages and the practical use of the credits found in them.

An active licence is absolutely necessary for using Chimera; therefore, Function Packages only have significance if you already have at least one Samsung, PRO, or PREMIUM licence. Although most services available in Chimera are free of charge once a licence has been purchased, there are some special functions within the programme that come at additional charges. In our webshop (under the Shop menu), the Function Packages sold as separate products can be used to cover the costs of these special functions.

Currently, four different function packages are available:

1. SMALL: Contains 150 credits – depending on its use, it can cover 2–4 functions that come at additional charges.
2. MEDIUM: Contains 350 credits – depending on its use, it can cover 5–10 functions that come at additional charges.
3. LARGE: Contains 700 credits – depending on its use, it can cover 10–20 functions that come at additional charges.
4. SUPER: Contains 1,000 credits – depending on its use, it can cover 14–24 functions that come at additional charges.

The number of credits indicated at the packages is what appears on Chimera (in the bottom right corner) after purchase and in the control interface after logging into chimeratool.com, besides further account and licence information. The values of the functions that come at additional charges are given in credits to help you see how many credits running the function in question would cost, which is deducted from the credit balance.

Under the Supported Models menu, all functions can be found in a searchable list, broken down by brand and model. Whether a function comes at an additional charge and how many credits it costs are also indicated here.


Frequently asked questions

Can I use the credits without a licence?

  • No. An active licence is absolutely necessary for using Chimera. But if you have enough credits as a registered user (min. 699), you can purchase licences using your credits. For example, our Samsung licence can be purchased with the credits available in our LARGE package.

Can I purchase several packages at a time?

  • Yes, several different packages may be purchased at a time.

How can I purchase function packages?

  • In the Chimera webshop, under the Shop menu, you can buy directly from us. Here, currently, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, UnionPay, and Apple Pay payment methods are accepted. Furthermore, you can also purchase credits without packages from our retailers, using various methods of payment.

Do I lose my credits when my licence expires?

  • No, the credits remain under the username.

Can I send credits to my friend or to another user?

  • Transfer of credits among users is not possible. If you need this, contact our support team, and we’ll try to help.


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