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Synchronizing your BlackBerry contacts with Google Sync

This document created at Sep 14, 2016, 10:33:41 AM and modified at Jan 26, 2021, 5:08:01 AM.

Having your contacts with you at all times is important. Here you can learn to synchronize your BlackBerry OTA (over the air), so any changes you make when you're on the go will automatically appear in your contact management application.

If you use Gmail, the built-in Contact Manager is extremely useful, especially for the reason that it is used by many other Google Apps, including Google Docs and Google Wave. A lot of people have replaced their desktop e-mail and contact applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, with Gmail and its Contact Manager for this very reason. It is also accessible from anywhere and available to use at any time on the Web. If you use Gmail and want to synchronize your contacts with your BlackBerry, follow these instructions. It is a good idea to back up your BlackBerry's existing contacts before you synchronize them with your Google contacts.

Step One: Download and Install Google Sync on Your BlackBerry

Open your BlackBerry's Web browser and go to, and then click on the Install Now link. When you are prompted to Download Google Sync, click the Download button.

Your BlackBerry will download and install Google Sync. If you are prompted to Reboot your BlackBerry, do so now.

Step Two: Configure Google Sync

When you load Google Sync for the first time, you will be prompted to give your Google Account E-mail and Password. Enter this information and click on the Sign in button.

Step Three: Synchronize Your BlackBerry Contacts with Google Sync

Once you have saved your settings, you will then be prompted to sync. Choose Yes, and your contacts will be synchronized.

Once the synchronization is complete, open your BlackBerry's contacts application and verify that your contacts have been synchronized.

These methods can be used together to keep your desktop application, BlackBerry, and Gmail contacts all in sync. If you set Google Sync on your BlackBerry to synchronize automatically, you just have to to remember to synchronize your BlackBerry with the Desktop Manager on a regular basis, and in-turn everything will remain in sync.

If you have a Blackberry running OS 5, you can use the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) to automatically synchronize your contacts with Gmail. This eliminates the need to use Google Sync, and will synchronize your contacts OTA automatically. Please note that not all wireless carriers may support this feature yet, and that there have been problems reported while using this method, sometimes resulting in duplicate contacts and corruption for a select few, so do not proceed without first having a verified backup of your contacts.

  1. Log into your BIS account and click on the Edit icon next to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the checkbox next to Contacts and then click the Save button.
  3. Your Blackberry contacts will automatically sync with your Gmail contacts at regular intervals once you enable this feature.


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