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Samsung Exynos Support is Here!

This document created at Aug 7, 2023, 1:48:24 PM and modified at Sep 20, 2023, 10:33:25 AM.

You've been asking for a Samsung update that works for all devices, regardless of Root, Bit, and Version, while keeping things Knox safe.

Exynos is now supported

We've spent a lot of time developing something completely new from scratch, which is quite different from anything tried before. The big breakthrough came from using the EUB mode in Exynos processors, a path that no one had explored. Looking back at all the effort we've put in, it's no wonder nobody else attempted this. Our hope is that this new method will bring you lots of new features that will last. And the best part is, you don't need to buy new licenses or worry about hidden costs. We haven't raised our prices at all. Instead, Chimera now offers better compatibility, supports more models, and has safer functions. We've tested these new features on many devices, but sometimes there might be issues or unique cases. We're dedicated to fixing everything as quickly as possible and would love to hear your feedback!

Supported Exynos Procedures

  • Remove Factory Reset Protection aka. Remove FRP (no need of *#0*# )
  • Remove/Unlock Knox Guard
  • Change CSC aka. Country-Specific Code change
  • Factory Reset
  • Remove Find My Mobile setting, Remove/Unlock Samsung Lost Mode
  • Remove Warning Logos and Messages (e.g. Bootloader Unlock Warning)

Special Read Codes Procedure

Our Read Codes procedure for Exynos devices returns all 6 lock codes in one step, at no extra cost! Master (MCK, Freeze, PUK), Network (NCK), Subset, SP, CP and SIM are all returned for the price of 1 code!

Exynos 9630, 3830, no root, any bit, any version, any knox

Samsung Exynos 9630 (alias Exynos 980), 3830 (alias Exynos 850) SoCs are supported with the 08 August 2023 update.

See the changelog here.
Join the discussion on our forums here or here.

Exynos 8825, Galaxy A33, Galaxy M33, Galaxy A53

With the 09 August 2023 update, we added support for Samsung Exynos 8825 (alias Exynos 1280) devices.

See the changelog here.
Join the discussion on our forums here or here.

Exynos 9830, 9840, 17 new Samsung Exynos devices were added

17 new Samsung Exynos devices were added (SoC: Exynos 9830 alias Exynos 990 and Exynos 9840 alias Exynos 2100). As of today (10 August 2023), now you can work on 68 different Exynos models.

See the changelog here.
Join the discussion on our forums here or here.

Exynos 8535, 8835, Galaxy, A14, F14, M14, A54, M54, F54

The most recently supported devices are equipped with SoCs: Exynos 8535 (alias Exynos 1330) and Exynos 8835 (alias Exynos 1380).

See the changelog here.
Join the discussion on our forums here or here.

How to connect devices in EUB mode?

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Here is our first Exynos update

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