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Samsung features, function

This document created at Sep 16, 2016, 2:18:17 PM and modified at Jan 5, 2021, 9:20:53 PM.

What kind of functions do we have for Samsung phones?


  • Restore/Store Backup: You can backup and restore the security fields, preventing any lost signal if something goes wrong during the procedure
  • Read/Write Certificate: Certificate files are for restoring the original IMEI number and also can be used in some cases to replace it with one which is already saved
  • Repair Device Root Key: Most commonly referred to as DRK fix. With some new models boot loop may occur in the circumstance that the device root key has been damaged or completely erased. By using this function you can regenerate this key and get the phone back to working condition
  • Firmware flash / SW Change: You can update or downgrade your current software version. In most cases this will repair software errors, and you can change/add languages as well.
  • Reset FRP Lock: Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security method that was designed to make sure someone can't just wipe and factory reset your phone in the case that it is lost or stolen. Starting with Android Lollipop, FRP comes "standard" in the vanilla Android, and most companies making these phones have implemented it in their own models. The problem is that people are selling, trading or even giving away phones with the FRP enabled and this makes things quite difficult for the next user. This option can remove the FRP also if you do not know the original username / password combination.
  • Get Info: You can obtain phone information such as the IMEI number, Software version, etc.
  • Reset Reactivation Lock: You can remove the Samsung Reactivation Lock
  • Root/Unroot: Rooting is the process that allows you to get elevated privileges within the Android system. If rooting fails with the ChimeraTool, then you can try 3rd party rooting tools
  • Reset Screenlock: You can reset the screen lock if you forget the pin code or the pattern
  • Repair IMEI: The Repair IMEI function is for restoration of the original phone's IMEI (in most cases the IMEI number is written on the sticker under phone's battery).In some countries around the world operations concerning the IMEI are illegal and punishable by law. By using this feature you confirm that you will apply it in a manner which is within compliance of your local law; You agree not to use this feature illegally and you take all responsibility for violations of all local laws and any damages incurred on using this feature by yourself.
  • Repair EFS: In some cases you can damage the EFS with other tools. With this function you can create a golden version; in 95% of our cases this feature is capable of repairing the Qualcomm filesystem
  • Network Repair: This feature is similar to the EFS repair, but with the ability to restore a golden network calibration
  • Reset EE Lock: This feature is a special simlock used by EE UK operator. With this feature you can also remove the same lock type


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