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Samsung Carrier Relock

This document created at Jul 29, 2019, 2:32:20 PM and modified at Mar 7, 2024, 11:49:54 AM.

Use our “Carrier Relock” procedure to unlock devices by relocking them to any (max) 64 selected carriers.

If you unlock a phone’s network lock (SIM-LOCK), then it will work with every mobile carrier, this is a well-known method. But what happens if you locked the device to all carriers? Well, it would accept all SIM cards, from all mobile operators. We don’t have the solution to lock for all, but you can select 64! This can cover countries and regions so the device will accept all SIM cards by the carriers you choose. After the successful “Carrier Relock” procedure, your phone will be relocked to the selected carriers (max 64) so it will accept all SIM cards by all those operators, just like it was unlocked!

  1. MCC/MNC World List: This is a complete list of all carriers in the World, with their country (MCC) and network (MNC) identifiers. You select from here, maximum 64 items.
  2. Carrier templates: Here you can choose predefined carrier lists, grouped per country/region. You can also create and save your custom lists, they will be here too.
  3. Set as Default:Make the selected list the default. Any time you open the procedure window, it will be selected so you just have to click Start.
  4. Delete: You can delete your own, customized lists. Chimera predefined lists cannot be deleted.
  5. Clear: Clear all items in the “Selected for Relock” list.
  6. Counter: See how many items you added in the list, of the maximum 64.
  7. Add/Remove: Use these arrows to move items between the two lists.


How can I select the carriers?

Just simply select any carrier in the “World List”, then click the right arrow (or double click) to add it to the “Selected for Relock” list. When you start the procedure, the device will be relocked to all carriers listed in the “Selected for Relock” list. You can save your customs lists so you don’t have to go through the selection process every time in the future.


How does this work?

Usually, manufacturers use two levels to control network access:

  1. There is a global flag what defines the phones network access, independently from the carriers: it can be locked, temporary unlocked and permanently unlocked. The permanently unlocked devices will work with every SIM card.
  2. And there is a carrier control list (MCC/MNC pairs) what contains a list who can access the network so their SIM cards will work in the device.

Our “Carrier Relock” procedure is based on the second method.


For example:


  1. Let’s say you have a device locked on T-Mobile USA (or MetroPCS)
  2. You want to use another carrier’s SIM card in this device
  3. But there is no unlock solution for T-Mobile, MetroPCS and Verzion at the moment
  4. So with this new procedure you can network lock your device to any other, different carriers (maximum 64)
  5. As a result, your T-Mobile locked device will accept SIM cards from all the other carriers that you selected
  6. Basically if you lock it to all carriers in your region/country it will accept all SIM cards from your region/country


Unknown SIM (MCC/MNC):

What if you got a SIM card which is unknown for you,in other words you do not know what is the card's MCC/MNC code:

  1. Insert sim you wish to use.
  2. Just dial *#0011# - as a result it will show the MCC/MNC code

NOTE: Sim card must match to providers from relock list!


Actual supported models:

Carrier Relock for Samsung models
Samsung Galaxy A10eSM-A102USM-A102U1
Samsung Galaxy A20SM-A205USM-A205U1
Samsung Galaxy A50SM-A505USM-A505U1
Samsung Galaxy A51 2019SM-A515USM-A515U1
Samsung Galaxy A51 5GSM-A516USM-A516U1
Samsung Galaxy A70SM-A705U
Samsung Galaxy FoldSM-F900USM-F900U1
Samsung Galaxy Note 10SM-N970U1
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+SM-N975USM-N975U1
Samsung Galaxy Note10SM-N970U
Samsung Galaxy S10SM-G973USM-G973U1
Samsung Galaxy S10+SM-G975USM-G975U1
Samsung Galaxy S10 5GSM-G977TSM-G977U
Samsung Galaxy S10eSM-G970USM-G970U1
Samsung Galaxy XCover ProSM-G715USM-G715U1
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[You can change from TMB (T-Mobile) and TMK (Metro PCS) networks to other networks]

Please don't attempt the Permanent Unlock in settings, or the relock operation will be reset to default.


Check also our "carrier relock F.A.Q."

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