Rooting with Magisk Manager - ChimeraTool help

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Rooting with Magisk Manager

This document created at Oct 13, 2020, 8:41:27 AM and modified at Jan 8, 2021, 12:34:10 PM.

In the following article, we will describe (step- by step), how the rooting can be done with MAGISK MANAGER.

Why would we do a HELP section for only the Magisk rooting?

Because some of our services will require a rooted device. The tool will tell you exactly if a process needs a rooting. If that is the case, please read the following guide, and you will be able to do the process by yourself:

(Note: not all of our services will ask you for rooting, just a few one.)

  1. Please DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the Magisk Manager.
  2. Please copy the AP file to the device DOWNLOAD folder, from the Firmware.
  3. Please run the Magisk Manager, you have to tap on the Magisk INSTALL
  4. After this, you have to choose the "Select and Patch file" option. With it, you have to load the AP file.
  5. The Magisk Manager will integrate the Rooting to the AP file, when the process is done, please copy the file to your computer from the device.
  6. Now please load the file with the Chimera Tool.
  7. The device have to be rebooted. After that please wipe the RECOVERY DATA.
  8. Run fully the SETUP WIZARD on the phone.
  9. As the last step: please Install the Magisk Manager again, run it. Do the Magisk Install fully!
  10. The device is Rooted now! Thank you for the attention.

The Chimera Tool includes/collects some Magisk Root files. These files are already implemented to the Root service, so you do not have to download it manually. You can check exactly for which devices we do support those files at our website under the Supported Models menu. Just bring the cursor to the mentioned menu, and you will get the "Available Magisk Root files" option. 

We do have other root options for our clients, other root helps. We list a few Root softwares here. Moreover we do have another well tested, and well working Root workaround, which is the EFTSU. Feel free to check it over here.




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