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Rooting with EFTSU

This document created at Oct 20, 2020, 2:41:47 PM and modified at Jan 11, 2021, 7:27:56 AM.

Recently we faced many request to create a little guide for Rooting. In the following Help, we will explain how to do it with EFTSU.

We noticed that it could be pretty complicated to root a device properly. We received many reports about not workable root methods, so we decided the clear this subject for our users. Actually there is a few very reliable and easy to use methods out in the market. We would like share a guide for one specific method, which is the EFTSU.

Please check and follow the step-by step guide:

  1. Please download the pre-rooted file for that exact model , AP version that you want to use from here.
  2. Make sure that you download the eftsu_flash software, from the EFTSU website.
  3. With the mentioned software, you have to load the pre-rooted file to the phone
  4. In the final step: please reboot the device, wipe the DATA from Recovery, then run the Setup Wizard, and once the setup is fully done, the device is rooted!

We would like note here, that there are other root methods as well. It could be that for your phone, this one  wont work as you would expect, so we leave a link here for another ROOT help, which is the Magisk Manager.

Also if you have an older device, with an older Android version, you are still able to do the rooting. We created a list , which provides you software which are specified for rooting. You can check the list here.

If you have questions about the rooting, or questions regarding to the Chimera Tool, please make a contact with our Support team, we will try our best to help you out!

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