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Reworked LG Repair IMEI Procedures

This document created at Jun 18, 2019, 12:56:17 PM and modified at Feb 24, 2020, 12:47:40 PM.

Description of the reworked LG Repair IMEI Procedures

LG Repair IMEI has now multiple selectable methods, just like LG Remove FRP lock:

  • "Safe IMEI repair" method: Fast and completely safe way to repair imei through modem port. Will not work on most phones, but its recommended to try this first.
  • "Legacy IMEI repair" method: The old method, that typically worked for older phones. Permanently modifies the EFS.
  • New method ->"EFS Clear IMEI repair": This method allows IMEI write by clearing the EFS. The EFS calibrations will be saved and restored after, and a raw EFS backup is also created during the process.

Not all methods may be available for all phones. "Safe IMEI repair" is always available, but depending on the current state of the phone, it might not work.
The previous implementation basically first did a "Safe IMEI repair" method, and then, if that failed, the "Legacy IMEI repair" method.

All LG EFS clear operation has been improved:

  • "EFS Clear Unlock" procedure and the new "EFS Clear IMEI repair" method now takes longer to run, but creates a more complete calibration backup to improve results.
  • "EFS Clear Unlock" does not require a modem port anymore! No more "Failed to find LG modem port" errors if you have driver problems or the phone does not create the proper ports!

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