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Resellers Sales System

This document created at Feb 1, 2019, 1:30:17 PM and modified at May 19, 2024, 10:40:18 AM.

Below, we have gathered all the useful information on how to join our reseller network, as well as guidance on the mutual cooperation.

Reseller requirements:

User Validation: 

Reseller Required Conditions: 

  • Every reseller must have a website where our prices and products are clearly displayed without the need for login. 
  • The website must mandatorily display the operator's contact information for inquiries. 
  • Additionally, the website must clearly indicate the available payment options.  

Price Display: 

  • If payment is not made in EUR, it is necessary to ensure that the price of the product in EUR is indicated. This amount must correspond to the consumer prices available in the webshop.

We highly suggest our new resellers to complete the reseller registration as the first step once they meet the criteria and after the successful approval, purchasing from our distributors.


Where can I make a purchase?

In the following, you can read about how and where you can make a purchase, how you can join our reseller network, and all the important information you need to know to be clear on what factors can contribute to exclusion from the network.

Distributor: We have two distributors currently: GsmEasyand GsmServer.
We have direct contracts with them exclusively, so resellers can only buy credits from them, at the set price. The circle of distributors will not be expanded.

Reseller: Resellers are “users” who buy credits from our distributors in bulk and resell the bought credit to end users at a set price, with a set profit margin.

If you want to be a reseller, you have to purchase a minimum of 20 000 credits from any of our Distributors. There is no upper limit, but the same lower limit applies to every subsequent purchase too, not only the first purchase you make. Credits are non-refundable.


Reseller rights validity

You have to complete the steps mentioned in the "Reseller Requirements" part above.
Once you completed every step, we will manually review it and then if everything is correct we will approve your status for 4 months.
Then you need to buy 20 000 CRD or more from our distributors.

Your reseller status will be withdrawn if you do not purchase 20 000 credits at least once every 4 months.

Don’t worry, if you have credits left on your account when your reseller status expires, you can still keep them, they won’t get lost, only your reseller status will be inactive until your next purchase.
All the credits can be used for any features we offer as well as online purchases.


How much do credits cost and at what price can you sell them as a reseller?

To ensure everyone has a fair profit, and therefore a sales interest, credits have to be sold at an approved profit margin or higher.
10 credits cost 1 EUR at the online store – it is a fixed price, there are no permanent discounts, only short-term ones, and resellers have to adjust their pricing to this standard.


Resellers can buy credits from our distributors at a fixed 10% discount rate compared to end-user prices. The discount is always the same regardless of the purchased amount, so if you buy more, you can gain more, but the discount rate stays the same.

20 000 credits: 20 000 x 0.1 EUR = 2000 EUR. A 10% discount applies, which is 200 EUR in this case, so resellers actually pay 1800 EUR for 20 000 credits, and thus they can make a profit of 200 EUR.

Reasons for exclusion from the reseller network regardless of purchases and other factors:

  • There had been a PayPal or any payment related claim on the account
  • Selling credits at a price under 3% less than the end-user rates of on three consecutive occasions
    • We are constantly monitoring the market, carrying out test purchases and collecting information from users, so it is not worth cheating.
  • Outstanding debt towards the distributors, unjustified complaints, PayPal or credit card claim

To apply reseller registration, please fill in and submit the reseller form ( and get in touch with our support team.
If you do not have a working webshop/website and a phone number, you can not be a reseller.

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