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Remove BlackBerry Protect

This document created at Sep 13, 2016, 3:20:16 PM and modified at Jul 29, 2020, 7:25:21 AM.

The BlackBerry Protect includes features to help you find your BlackBerry device and help protect your device's data if your device is ever lost or stolen. In this section we will tell you how you can remove the ID using the Chimera Tool software.

About Blackberry Protect

Using the BlackBerry Protect website, you can do the following:

  •     View the current location of your device on a map.
  •     Make your device ring (even if it's in silent mode).
  •     Display a custom message on your locked device to provide instructions about how to contact you.
  •     Set or change your device password and remotely lock your device.
  •     Delete all of the data from your device.

On devices that run BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 to BlackBerry 7.1, BlackBerry Protect provides a convenient way to wirelessly back up and restore device data. You can't use BlackBerry Protect on a device that is associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

On devices that run BlackBerry 10 OS and are associated with work email accounts, an administrator might disable BlackBerry Protect. Or, your administrator can disable the ability to remotely change your password or locate your device.

How can you remove the protection with Chimera also if you do not know the original BB login?

There are just two easy steps:

  •     You need have valid license and 95 credits, because it is a paid procedure
  •     Connect your phone to USB cable and press XY


Question and answers:

Q: It is temporary or permament removing?

A: It is permament, you can update your phone to the latest version too.

Q: Will you lose user data while the procedure?

A: Yes, please be warned, all of your user data will be cleared while the procedure.

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