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MAGISK root in ChimeraTool

This document created at Sep 23, 2022, 8:53:51 AM and modified at Jan 4, 2023, 1:16:58 AM.

In this document, we are going to write about our newly added function, rooting with MAGISK in ChimeraTool.

To access this function, you will have to open ChimeraTool and go to the UTILITIES section. Here you will be able to root the files without having to download Magisk to your phone, which makes the process much faster and easier.


  • Open the bootloader of your phone.
  • Connect your phone and create a backup of it, the backup files will be saved to your computer in the Chimera folder, in the Backups section.
    • If your device has boot ramdisk, get a copy of the boot.img
    • If your device does NOT have boot ramdisk, get a copy of the recovery.img.
      • If you are patching a recovery image, check the “Recovery mode” option
    • When creating a backup, please check if your phone has vbmeta partition. If your device does NOT have a separate vbmeta partition, check the “Patch VBMeta” option
    • (Optional) If your device has a separate vbmeta partition, you can patch the vbmeta partition with by pressing "Keep verity".
  • Open the MAGISK root panel in ChimeraTool and select the file from your desktop, after selecting the right file, click "Patch image". This will create a newly patched file, that you will have to flash to your phone.
  • Connect the phone, click on "Firmware Update" and in that panel, select the "Load Firmware from file" option, and then select the newly patched files from your desktop.
  • Reboot to download mode. Flash magisk_patched.tar as AP, together with BL, CP, and CSC (NOTHOME_CSC because we want to wipe data) from the original firmware.

(The image is only an example)

  • Lastly, after you have selected everything, click "Start", and if the procedure completes successfully, your phone should be rooted.

If your phone ends up in bootloop, you are able to restore the backup you made in the first step.

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