If I purchase a ChimeraTool PREMIUM licence, will I be able to switch computers without waiting 48 hours? - ChimeraTool help

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If I purchase a ChimeraTool PREMIUM licence, will I be able to switch computers without waiting 48 hours?

This document created at Sep 21, 2018, 9:41:10 AM and modified at May 25, 2020, 2:09:35 PM.

The ChimeraTool PREMIUM licence and the Authenticator make repairing mobile phones easy.

When you purchase a ChimeraTool PREMIUM licence we will send you the Authenticator dongle as well. The Authenticator is essentially a USB stick that lets you easily switch computers.

Here’s how it works:

When you purchase any ChimeraTool licence, the licence ID is going to be attached to your user account and to the computer you used to activate the licence.

If you have an Authenticator, you can choose to have your licence ID attached to the Authenticator dongle itself – not to your user account or to your computer. This means, that you can plug-in the Authenticator into a computer and immediately start using ChimeraTool without having to log-in to your account.
However, this does NOT mean that you can share your licence or you can use your licence on multiple computers simultaneously. Even with the Authenticator, you can only use your licence on only one computer at a time.

Here’s why the Authenticator could be useful to you:

Let’s say you have two computers: one in your phone repair shop, and one in your home.

Without the Authenticator, you can only use your ChimeraTool licence on one computer. If you wish to switch computers, there is a 48-hour waiting period to do so.
If you normally only use your licence in your shop, and never at home, then this waiting period of 48 hours is not a problem for you at all.

But what if you want to work from your home computer as well? Well, without the Authenticator, you have to manually detach your work computer from your licence, and you have to wait 48 hours before you can attach your licence to your home computer. This is obviously not an ideal situation for you if you wish to work with ChimeraTool regularly on different computers at different times.

The Authenticator allows you to easily switch computers, so you don’t have to wait 48 hours. If you have your Authenticator with you, you can simply plug it into your work computer and immediately start using ChimeraTool, and at the end of the day, you can also take the Authenticator home with you, plug it into your personal computer at home, and continue using ChimeraTool seamlessly.


If you would like to see how helpful the Authenticator really is, we suggest purchasing the ChimeraTool PREMIUM licence – every purchase of this licence includes the Authenticator as well.

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