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Huawei Model and Vendor/Country Change

This document created at Jul 19, 2020, 9:27:56 PM and modified at Dec 20, 2020, 1:43:54 AM.

How to change model and vendor/country values

If the model, vendor/country values are damaged on the device, you can use this function to restore the original values. Or you can just change values if you need to.
This function works for all Huawei phones with any CPUs (even Kirin 990/990 5G for example) but it’s not compatible with EMUI 10.1 or newer.

What you need?

You need a phone that can boot in Fastboot or USB Update mode.

How it works

As mentioned above, you can start this procedure from Fastboot or USB Update modes and you don’t need any additional files.
It’s important to identify the correct phone model as in some cases the model and vendor details you need to enter for this procedure are not the same what you can find in the device’s menu. For example, for global models you will find XXX-LX1 in the menu where LX1 is a generic, unified identifier. In the oeminfo file, it could be XXX-L01A or XXX-L21A where L01 refers to a single SIM device and L21 is a dual SIM device.

In our dropdown selectors we offer predefined model and vendor/country combinations to help you find the right one.

Chimera Model and Vendor/Country ChangeChimera Model and Vendor/Country ChangeChimera Model and Vendor/Country Change

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