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Huawei IMEI Repair, IMEI Recovery, Write Cert

This document created at Aug 17, 2021, 12:30:32 PM and modified at Aug 27, 2023, 8:59:37 AM.

Chimera Tool can help you with your IMEI-related issues if Repair IMEI, IMEI Recovery, or Write Cert are supported for the device. In this article, we will discuss these services in detail.

As we previously mentioned we have three IMEI-related services for the Huawei devices. 


Each of them will require an active PRO or an active PREMIUM license. These licenses include the Huawei module (if you have a Samsung license, you are able to upgrade it into PRO so you will get access to these methods). 

Connection: The methods can be reached in Fastboot and in ADB mode. Of course, you have to use a simple USB cable for the connection. 


If you have an older Huawei device, then you will be able to restore the IMEI using the Repair IMEI function. First, you will need to connect the supported device in ADB mode. Then go to the Serial Repair tab. Click on the IMEI Repair button. In the IMEI Repair Function menu, you will need to select which IMEI you wish to change and you will have to write valid IMEI numbers. After writing in the IMEI number you want to use, then you click Start.


If you have a newer supported Huawei device, then you will be able to restore the original IMEI of the device using the IMEI Recovery function. It will repair the phone's IMEI from the certificate stored in the phone, you won't need to provide any IMEI number or certificate file.


You can save and restore certificate data. Please keep in your mind, the certificate contains your IMEI number, so if you write an incorrect certificate from a different phone, your IMEI number will be "cloned" and replaced with the new one. Please keep in your mind that replacing original

We do not offer certificate files, but you can find them on forums or on gsm websites such as this.

IMEI is mostly illegal and the function is only for repairing the original one.

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