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Huawei Load Factory Fastboot

This document created at Jun 24, 2020, 12:50:38 PM and modified at Dec 28, 2023, 3:57:22 PM.

An overview of the Huawei Load Factory Fastboot procedure

With the Load Factory Fastboot function you can boot the phone in factory fastboot mode (no authentication required) what allows Chimera to start more complex service procedures from the fastboot itself.

Load Factory Fastboot Steps

To get started, you need to put the phone into Factory Mode, where the “HUAWEI USB COM” serial port appears in Windows’ Device Manager and Chimera detects the device in Factory Mode.

  1. Once Chimera recognized the phone in Factory Mode, you have to select the phone model from the dropdown, located on the phone panel.
  2. Click the “Load Factory Fastboot” button on the phone panel.
  3. Choose a fastboot version based on the device’s CPU. Note: if you are not sure what version to use, you can try more options. Trying different versions will not harm your phone.
  4. Start the procedure!

The device will reboot in fastboot mode with the bootloader in "temporary unlocked" status. Now you will see all the usual Chimera functions available for the phone, like Remove FRP, Repair Recovery, etc.

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