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Huawei Factory Mode

This document created at Jul 16, 2020, 11:31:34 AM and modified at Oct 1, 2020, 6:43:36 PM.

What is Huawei Factory Mode (HUAWEI USB COM 1.0) and how to put the phone into it

What is Huawei Factory Mode?

Factory Mode is a special state for Huawei phones, when they create "HUAWEI USB COM" serial port to communicate with the PC. This service port can be used by Chimera to communicate with the device and execute complex service functions.

How to enter Factory Mode?

At the moment there are 2 ways to put a Huawei phone into Factory Mode:

  1. Disassemble the device and do Test Point
  2. Use Chimera's "Load Factory Fastboot" function

Important: if you used Test Point, the phone will be in Factory Mode only temporarily. If you do a hard reset for example, it will automatically exit the Factory Mode. If you use Chimera's "Load Factory Fastboot", the phone will be in Factory Mode permanently, and you will need to use the "Exit Factory Mode" function to make the device exit from this mode.

How to Test Point?

A Test Point is a location on the motherboard that is used to inject test signals. Usually Test Points are small, rounded solder pads that are easy to locate. They can be anywhere on the board, sometimes they are regular connectors or can be hidden under some shielding (metal plate).

For most phone models you can find images online that illustrate the location of the Test Point. However, for new models you might not find such images. We recommend to search for “Brand Model test point” in Google Images.

  1. If you can, you should remove the phone’s battery. Technically it’s enough to turn off the device but we strongly recommend to remove the battery if possible. Please note that some models have the battery connected with two separate flexible flat cable.

  2. Connect the model specific Test Point to a grounded point on the motherboard. The heat shields (metal plates) on the motherboard are easy to access and clearly visible ground points.

  3. Connect the phone via USB to the computer where Chimera is already running. Pro tip: keep the cable plugged into the phone and just plug the other end to the PC for this step. This way the phone will not move while you are grounding the Test Point.

  4. The phone should appear in Chimera with the Factory Mode flag. If it doesn’t, you should check if it appears in the Windows Device Manager under serial ports to make sure that the Test Point connection worked.

  5. If the battery was disconnected and the device showed up in Chimera in Factory Mode then you should reconnect the battery at this point.

Load Factory Fastboot

We have a detailed help article about Chimera's "Load Factory Fastboot" function, you can read more about it there.

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