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Huawei Demo Remove

This document created at Jul 20, 2020, 2:31:04 PM and modified at Jan 14, 2021, 11:44:40 PM.

If you want to remove the demo mode without changing the model

Demo Remove Steps

  1. Select the Model and Vendor/Country change procedure
  2. Check the box for Vendor/Country
  3. Select a non-demo vendor from the dropdown. For example, if the phone is demo/cn then you should select all/cn.
  4. Start the procedure and when it finishes, all demo values will be overwritten
  5. You should update a non-demo software to the phone. Usually you can tell by the name of the software package if it’s a demo software. For example, TAS-AL00 is a demo software because of the letter D at the end. The letter C in C735 also stands for “customisation” and because of the 735 code, it’s a special, customised pack for a retailer or shop, it doesn’t belong to any carrier. As another example, TAS-AL00 has no D letter and C00 is a mainland China customisation (all/cn) for all carrier-free devices is China.

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